Using iPhone and iPad both with MFi Hearing aids

I am using Signia Pure Nx 7M and have an iPhone 7 and iPad. I have been using the Pure Nx with iPhone for some time, but just recently started also streaming from iPad to HAs as well. I’m not sure if there is a set behavior to be expected: you can remain connected to both at the same time.
I have been trying to figure out which audio gets prioritization when both are connected. So far, I have had to ‘forget devices’ several times.

Has anyone else been down this path?
I am using iOS 11.3.1 on both Apple devices.

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Sorry, I don’t have the answer to your question, but have a question for you. Is the quality of the streamed music good?

You cannot have your hearing aids connected to both devices at the same time, although they can be paired to both.

I believe that after you switch device, the latest device may attempt to take the hearing device connection from the other iOS device, if you enable the “Audio Handoff” option in the MFI Hearing Devices page. Now whether it can be done cleanly and successfully or not is another thing. I’ve seen it working before, where there’s a message popping up from the latest device saying something to the effect that it’s attempting to take over connection from the other device (only if the audio from the other device is not streaming to the hearing aids anymore). I’ve also seen it not do this, and I’d have to turn off the Bluetooth of the other device before streaming audio would get routed to the latest device.

Sometimes even THAT (turning off Bluetooth on the old device) wouldn’t help and you’d have to Forget the hearing aids from the old device before it would work on the latest device. It seems like this is what you’re experiencing.

My MFI hearing device is a pair of Oticon OPN 1. I have an iPhone 7 Plus and an iPad.

I have Cala 8s plus an iPhone and iPad. Trying to use Bluetooth with both devices, especially if both were nearby, wasn’t worth the hassle. I finally just turned off Bluetooth on the iPad and use my phone for talking to the Calas. That is where I wanted to use the Bluetooth connection 90% of the time anyway.

I am coming to the conclusion that two Apple sources (iPhone 7 + iPad) creates double the confusion: can’t get the phone to use HAs when I want, and short oif turning Bluetooth off on iPad, the connection to HAs is re-established when I am in proximity.

Bad news: I can report that the undesired ‘clicking sound’ persists with iPad as well as iPhone.

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Do any of the hearing aid (KS8) settings in the programs affect the MFI sound heard from the iPad? Is there a way to change the high/low frequencies from an MFI device?