Using High Quality Headphones

New member here…please be gentle…right now I’m in a trial with
Oticon Acto Pro’s and so far am very pleased with the early
performance of these aids; can one SAFELY use high quality headphones
together with hearing aids? I know of the streamer capabilities but
I’m trying to marry the two technologies…the Sennheiser 650’s are
purported to be some of the best headphones out there to bring out
clarity & range in classical music…sorry if this is the wrong thread for this


Hello and welcome!

There is nothing unsafe about wearing headphones with hearing aids. Any modern hearing aid is going to have an output limiter on it so it should not be making any noises so loud it can cause damage.

The only issue you could run into is if the headphones are too close to the hearing aids there is a risk of feedback or whistling. Again, no danger or damage, just annoying.

Well, there is another annoyance as well. The magnets in some headphones trigger the telecoil feature of HAs that have them. this puts the Has in a mode that is not conducive to listening to music.

My Sennheiser RS120’s (wireless) do not trigger the telecoil (I think because they are not cupped and the magnet is further away from the HA), but another pair of wired Sennhesiers (HD-202) (I wish I had 650’s) does trigger the telecoil and puts the HAs into a voice frequency emphasis mode.

If that happens, you can usually have your professional turn off the automatic feature. You then can manually switch to telecoil or telephone mode when needed.

I use headphones without my hearing aids and they work fine. Of course, I have to turn up the volume of the receiver in which the headphones are plugged. Why are you using the hearing aids with the headphones? My hearing goes down 70 db at the higher frequencies. I am using Grado 225i headphones, a Linn Classik receiver, Oppo BDP83 disk player, and so on. I feel there is far greater clarity without the HA’s.

I much prefer to take the aids out and go with headphones in the house and ipod and earbuds out working in the yard. both sound great. when I mow on the lawn tractor for 3 hours i’ll put the earbuds in and then put a set of mufs that I use to use at the gun range over them.

Thanx all for the replies…I’m glad this thread generated some interest; Alan to your points: if I simply use my phones w/o my new aids I have to have the amp at least 10-15 db higher to achieve word recognition on some of the old movies I watch on TCM; I also miss the higher notes and separations that exist in Piano Concertos by Mozart & Beethovan; my wife (who has excellent hearing at 62) tells me she can hear the sounds
out of my phones when I have them cranked up; I also don’t like to have the amp/volumn
high as it make accelerate my current hearing loss further…presently I’m using Sennheiser Hd 180’s w/o any headphone amp; I’m planning on testing the 650’s next week with a Music Fidelity V-Can MKII headphone amp powered off of my main
amp to see if this combo can restore some of the music fidelity that I know I’m missing;
I plan on reporting back to this group what I have learned; I have several reference old
movies (w/o captions) and several classical pieces that I will use them with; I’m hoping for further reductions in the main amp gains while gaining clarity across the dynamic range of music and word recognition/comprehension in the movies; also I must add that
my audi has not moved my aids to target yet so I hope that adjustment next week will
also make some difference

For those using headphones without HAs in and who have high frequency hearing loss, do you simply use an equalizer to boost the high frequencies?

My low frequency hearing is relatively better than my high frequency hearing, but unless I am trying to understand speech, for music I prefer to boost the bass

I use the Sennheiser RS 120 wireless with my HAs in and get great results. Actually prefer this over using the ComPilot.

Hi Bark…thanx for the reply…I can see from reading your profile that your
upper frequency loss is similar to mine altho I have higher losses than you do
across the board (lows & highs); I assume the ComPilot is like what Oticon calls
its streamer; the Oticon streamer has received mixed reviews so I opted to go
the route of better headphones and a dedicated headphone amp; I’ll be reporting back
on the success or failure of these tests…most headphone jacks out of your
home theater systems cannot properly drive upscale cans to achieve proper
frequency response across the musical spectrum so I started this thread in hopes
others had blazed the trail for me on this…I’m a bit surprised more audophiles
have not chimed in here…I’m sure many wear aids if they have been around amplified
music all of thier lives…

I have Sennheiser HD-600 headphones, which are very similar to the HD-650, and I have been using them successfully with my Siemens Pure open-style hearing aids. The headphones are large enough to encompass both my ears and the hearing aids, and I have not had any problems with comfort, feedback or other anomalies, and the sound is wonderful. Keep in mind that the Pure hearing aids are small and do not extend beyond my ears.


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Thanx Yooper…I’ve had the 650’s a day or two and with and without my aids in they are
the best cans I’ve ever had…my aids definitely improve the fidelity across the musical
scale , however…the phones completely enclose my Oticons and my ears ; I have had no feedback or other issues as well; I haven’t enjoyed piano or classical music like this
in probably 20 years…I’ve got some Cardas headphone cables coming ; I’ll let you know
if I see any discernible difference with my aids in; if not the cables go back…

I wear Verite 9s and use Sennheiser HD around the ear phones. It sounds better with the HA’s since missing high frequencies are now there. Careful physical adjustment keep the ear pads out of the HAs way.

i am happy to hear that people with bad hearing still think it’s important enough to drop $600 so as to have really great headphones. I guess I have to wonder whether it’s money well spent. Does it matter if your headphones are great at 18,000 khz if you can’t hear beyond 8 or 10k?

I guess where the more expensive ones are most desirable is the ability to faithfully reproduce bass.

If I had your hearing loss profile between 1000-4000 hz I probably would
not spend the money…I don’t and I did…not sorry either; other option was to drop
$2000-$4000 on some floor speakers , crank the amps so everyone can hear,
drop the aids in and enjoy…you have to be a music lover to spend the money
on these cans and accessories…I’m retired…really don’t have the money for the
Oticons’s let alone the phones…but life is precious…we all have little time in this
world and I can do w/o other things…