Using Hearing Aids With An MP3

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I have Siemens Prisma 2 hearing aids, and I’ve been looking around the internet, and asking my audiologist for a long time, and found very little info. I have been trying to find a way to connect my hearing aids to my mp3 player, because its a pain to have to take the hearing aids out, and put on a head set or ear buds to listen to music. The sound has always been so much clearer and pure.

Anyways my question is that what would you recommend using to connect my hearing aids to my ipod. I have found that T-Coil, and even blue tooth work, but are they all in stereo? Those t-coil neck loops are in mono, and i also found cords that connect directly to the hearing aids. How are the sound quality for T-Coil.

Well I hope that made some sense, and thank you for your replies.

Look at

Product = Music-Links (True stereo sound)

Do you have personal experience with them? What are your opinions, and is T-coil better then cords that attaches directly to the boots of your hearing aids? (an example of the cords)

Although doesn’t T-coil turn off the microphones in the hearing aids? And does it drain the battery very much?

Sorry for all the questions, but these accessories are very pricey, and I wanna see what works best for their price.

Right now I´m waiting for my music-links, may be for next week I can tell you my own experience.

Direct Audio Input works very well but you must also buy a Direct Audio Input Shoes for your BTE hearing aid, in that way you must pay a lot for enjoy music

Music-links doesn´t need a battery, it work like a headphones (don´t drain the hearing aid battery)

My hearing aid have 3 program: M , M-T and T then I decide if I turn off the microphone

In my opinion, until now Music-Link is the cheaper way to enjoy music but is not a wireless

Oh thats a cool feature, Too bad mine is just M, T, and O. So thats a disadvantage. I don’t have much trouble getting the DA shoes, because my school has a bunch of them. I’m sure I could use them for a while. Do you know any good sources to get the Direct Audio Input cords? Whats the lowest price you’ve seen around on the internet. Perhaps even stores.

Although the music links don’t require batteries, does the T-coil use extra battery energy to use?

I don´t know DAI cord´s sellers . . .

T-Coil does not consume battery extra.

Alrighty thanks for your reply. I guess thats all my questions for now. Until you get your Music link. While we wait for that to come, Anybody else have anything to say?

Now, I´m wearing a Music-Link (dual)
Terrific ! ! !
I use it with PC, MP3, home wireless phone and my office phone (Crystal Tone-with 3.5mm stereo plug).
I can hear in both ear ! ! !
Very easy to use it, without the inconvenience to direct BTE connection.
Batterires are not required for operation.