Using an iphone plugged into a computer to hear the computer audio in my HA's?

Dear all,
Thanks to MadeforiPhone my Signia HA’s let me hear the audio on my iPhone, but not the audio on my computer… Signia sells an accessory but it costs over 100 dollars!

I’m wondering…could I plug the audio out (mini-jack) from my computer into my iPhone (using the lightning to mini-jack) and then let the iPhone play the audio from my computer into my HA’s???

Has anyone tried that? Would the voice recorder app on the iPhone accept the signal coming into the iPhone and then let me monitor it?
I don’t want to test this as I’m afraid it might hurt my iPhone but maybe someone has experience with this???

thanks for any help
James in Paris France… in lockdown… no traffic, the streets empty.
hope all of you are safe and at home.

These folks say you can:

Thanks for your answer… I did indeed try using a TRRS cable… not yet successful just plugging in the audio out of my mac (headphone jack) to the iphone…

The other problem is that my recording app (for example “voice recorder”) won’t let me listen and record at the same time. The sound of my mac would need to go into my iphone and then out via bluetooth (MfI bluetooth) to my HAs…

I’m afraid I’m going to give up for now. Thanks for your input. the site is very good.
all the best from a locked down Paris suburb

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