Using 2 different models of HA on right and left ear - how to pair with iphone

Hello All,

I have a hearing loss in my both the ears. Left - profound and right slopping hearing loss - medium.

currently I am trialing Oticon Xceed-3 on my left ear and Oticon More-3 on my right.
As it is trial looks like not all the features are enabled by default.

Have anyone tried to the same scenario like mine and have paired both devices together?

if yes, can you please guide me, Thanks in advance.

Not sure it is possible, the aids must be paired together then the pair of aids can be paired to the iPhone.


You won’t be able to use a lot of the features because you can’t pair the Aids together.

You need 2 x More Aids to be able to use most of the features.

Kemp is right, the Aids need to be paired together to be able to link to your phone.

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@cvkemp I tried it, but no luck, Have asked my Audiologist to check with Oticon.

@Zebras Yes, I too had the same concern as it will be no point in using the premium device in this case if I cant pair it together.

It is my understanding that the aids have to be the same for both ears, and the audiologist ha to ensure they are paired together in the fitting software


Do post your audiogram here. It helps folks guiding you.

I have different loss in each ear. I have one pair of hearing aids, but different receivers. This way, the hearing aids are compatible, they can be paired, and all the features are available.

Nope, not because this is a trial. It is because the hearing aids can’t be linked.

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@Freedom Here is my

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We have quite a few professionals in this group. Posting this will help you get great guidance!

Thank you @Freedom. I didn’t know how to upload that when I created the account. I should have posted it earlier. Any how hope I get some better input here

You don’t “have to” use two different HAs for your loss
(Actually doesn’t make much sense to me)you could use the same models.
One with a standard receiver and one with a UP (ultra power) receiver, this way you get the full benefits of the features being offered.
Have you tried other brands for comparison?

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@tenkan I have not tried other brands yet, if there is any suggestions on unitron or Phonak, I would like to try.

Any possibility of some middle ear surgery on the poorer ear?

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Sure, you could try Paradise Audéo P-13T, which has the t-coil which could be of some help, of course if your prefer the rechargeable model there’s the Audéo P-RT. Another good choice is Costco’s KS -10 which is pretty much the Paradise, lots of people from right here on hearingtracker are very happy with them, at $1500us, its very good value for money.
Unitron are a bit cheaper, same technology, Moxi B-RT for rechargeable, seems they don’t have the size 13 battery, only the 312, which is not so good if you do a lot a bluetooth streaming.
Use the search button from right here on hearingtracker to find out more about what HAs people are happy with, there’s so many choices now, so best to just trial a couple of brands to begin with and hopefully you’ll find the one you like.

Good luck.

@Um_bongo I have already operated my both the ears 10 years back due to perforation. Doctor said there won’t be much improvement if we do one more, but if you want to try we can. So Don’t want anymore operations.

Thanks a lot @tenkan. I will check the forum for more HAs and the ones you suggested.

Update: Audiologist confirmed HAs cannot be paired with two different model hearing aids together.
He suggested, he will try to get another more device for my left ear with ultra power receiver with a mold.

Will keep this thread posted…

The Phonak Naida will pair with the Audeo, just FYI. That conductive loss on your left ear does want a BTE with a soft full-shell mold.

@Neville Thanks for the reply, I will check with my audiologist about the phonak.

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