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We had a few users flag posts from @Craig_Sharp, so I suspended his account for 2 weeks. What is the general consensus on this user?


He is just trolling users here to get reactions so he can continue trolling, and posting almost duplicate posts to fuel the trolling. I’ve moderated other boards and this is just a pot stirrer who contributes nothing positive to any discussions. Below are three threads he is trolling, the two he posted to stir the pot with his personal opinions to deride users. Thanks for taking action.


OK, thanks. Will give him one more chance after the suspension runs up, and if problems persist, we’ll take the next step.

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Thank you I was wondering how to complain about him


I agree. I think that is the most likely situation.


Craig has an opinion as do most of us here. The difference with Craig is he believes his opinion sacrosanct; has a lack of regard for others and an offensive way of expressing it; and takes any disagreement as a personal challenge that must be dealt with. Has all appearances of an insecure narcissist.


We are all here to be civil & to learn from each other.
I think Craig was here to promote his view, no matter what the consequences.


I don’t know about the personality profile part but very well and very politely put, Mark. Craig just insists on pushing his view, does not take polite hints, and seems to be unnaturally overly-preoccupied with Costco.

I know that there are many people in this forum who love their audi’s and are very anxious where trends in HA dispensing, like the 2020 OTC change, are taking the HA industry and their future ability to go to an audiologist that they love. So I think some part of Craig’s vehemence is fueled by that sort of concern: Costco is part of the Dark Side… But his approach is a form of trolling - unnecessarily seeking to be confrontational and calling people out. Saying that everyone who contests or protests his views is really just one person with multiple forum identities is either a very clever ruse to get back at multiple people economically with one post or perhaps indicative of more serious problems in perceiving reality.

I think given Craig’s reaction to criticism, unless you delete this thread before he ever comes back @AbramBaileyAuD, our comments in the thread, if he can read them, will just fire things up further (sorry I don’t know how things work here relative to this problem)


Thank you I also was wondering how to complain about him.

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Use what is known “flag post”. Here are a couple pictures to show.

Click on the three dots at lower right of the post you want to flag,


That opens up all options, then click on the flag symbol. You then get a pop up box to explain why.


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We’ve had at least ONE other pretty curmudgeonly contributor here - who seems to have dropped off the radar quite a while ago (leaving me to wonder if he’s still alive or in good health?).

Ack! I have thick skin. I really could care less what someone posts here UNLESS or UNTIL it gets into a never-ending tit-4-tat with personal insults. I’m all for free speech, but totally understand if folks don’t get USE out of a person’s contributions.

I LOVE the idea of the RED FLAG icon as shown above. Yeah, let’s FLAG 'em! Thanks for that tip, cuz I never knew the dots expanded out for more options! :crazy_face:

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Yeah. I already abandoned Craig’s thread. If they start spewing everywhere then it’s time for drastic action.

Hmm. Well I’ll be the naysayer.
Other than a little drive-by hit on Neville and Mark_Chambers (I think) accusing them of being the same person…he was just offering opinions. We all have them. (admittedly, I only scanned the first parts of his posts in his Activity list)
If one doesn’t like what one other has to say…ignore it. Just like you can this post. :slight_smile:

So I’m a little disturbed at this perhaps drastic action. But clearly I’m not in the majority.

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z10user2, I agree with your post.

While I don’t condone personal attacks, the guy was just offering his strong viewpoint when the over-emotional, easily offended folks on this forum started hitting the panic (flag) button. Why? Because they were too timid or couldn’t be bothered to reply directly and refute his questionable claims.

But what I find most disturbing is the fact that the guy was put on display for a public lynching, after being suspended, so he can’t even defend himself. It’s shameful behavior by the admin of the forum.

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Well thank you for the support. I agree…no personal attacks. Attack the ideas…not the person. The problem arises when it escalates into a flame war with neither side backing down.

The whole thing of hearing aids is already trying enough. So the emotions will be there. No one needs or wants some know-it-all coming along attacking whatever is being said. For those…just offer an opinion and let it rest. If someone counter-points then engage but with the points…not the person.

Well anyway…who am I to suggest these things to grown-ups. I’ve been in my share of flame wars in my oh 30 years of being online.

As for the admin…his house…his rules…no comment…publicly :slight_smile:

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Are you referring to Doc? I think he got banned.

I also notice that I haven’t seen KenP for the last several months. He’s not controversial or anything like Doc. I just remember that he was a regular contributor until he just kinda disappeared.

I dropped off for quite a while then came back. But moving and get settled into a new home takes up a lot of time.

It’s a shame he gave the above members such a hard time; so much so that Neville (a great help on here) is likely to pass on this forum.

I strongly disagree with your conclusions about Craig. I didn’t report him or ask to have him removed. But right around the time that he was suspended, I had had enough of his behavior and told him to lay off (and if he hadn’t I would have also asked to have him removed).

A day or so before “the end,” Craig wrote a really vitriolic uncalled for post - just about out of nowhere. I was about to give him the same advice as in my linked post above, “hey, you’ve got a problem here and you’re stepping way out of bounds…”

Perhaps he saw me typing and reconsidered, because before I was done my post, he deleted his. If @AbramBaileyAuD can recover that post, perhaps it can be added to the discussion here because it shows a bunch about his forum behavior. I would say he’s “loaded for bear,” and is very OCD about responses that he disagrees with and certain things he doesn’t like, such as Costco hearing aid dispensing and having to essentially make a full deposit when buying HA’s. Trolling is defined as deliberately provoking controversy, stoking it, etc. Yes, some members did not give polite replies in response and I’ve been guilty of responding meanly to some people that I’ve felt were being very unfair to me but Craig’s behavior and compulsion was a serious and continuing detriment to the forum in a number of regards. It would be nice if he could sober up. I’m not sure he can but the Doc Jake was tolerated and given a chance to reform before finally being banned.

For reference, I’ve noticed that you and PVC at times have had some serious disagreements but it just mainly seems to be something between you two. OTH, we’re talking about someone who seemed ready and willing to take on the whole forum and relished the prospect, unfortunately.

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INDEED! Our Doc Holliday is whom I was referring to - but like you, I’d also noticed KenP’s being away from the board for a LONG time!

Without meaning to intrude … I wonder if it’s possible to click on a person’s avatar and see when their last post was? I DO know that if a person’s post is replied to, they should get an email notification with link to the post here on the boards.

(Altho NOTE: when I click on the link in Firefox browser from my email, it never works.)