Use Siemens Tek with office phone?

I recently purchased a pair of Pure bte’s and the Tek wireless enhancement accessories. I love the hearing aids, by the way.

At my office, I presently have a Plantronics BT wireless headset system (CS70N). Although it uses BT, it appears that you can only use the Plantronics headset with their BT device that interfaces with my telephone. Does anyone know what I need to purchase to be able to use my new Tek remote and the hearing aids with my office phone? I am hoping (and assuming) that I don’t need a different phone, just a different BT interface device. Thanks!

As I said, I have a Siemens Pure (brand name) set of bte’s

What I need is some sort of hub that will allow me to use the hearing aids, along with the Tek attachment/remote control, to use my phone. It’s possible that the CS70N is not bluetooth – I think it is, but looking at the plantronics web site, it looks like the Voyager is bt enabled and CS70 may not be, although both are wireless.

So, I either need to use the setup I have or get a new hub…

Thanks for the input. Unfortunately Siemens doesn’t list any landline phones that are compatible with the Tek system.

I have read about the Jabra A7010 Hub as a solution in other posts. Anyone care to recommend for or against? Any other competitors I should consider?

One thing you don’t say was whether you had a remote or not. With a remote you can answer your phone will out picking your phone.
I hope this helps

Hi Steever,

You seem to be the only person on this site that has the Siemens Tek. How do you like it? Care to give a review? Do you really need to hold the Tek up to your mouth as the Siemens manual says to talk on the phone? If so, kind of ruins the hands free part of this.

The Siemens Gigaset SL375 cordless home phone will work with your Tek device. The Tek should work with any BT mobile phone but as far as im aware it will only work with a Siemens BT landline phone.

I wanted to chime in. I have had the Tek for about 3 months and I love it. My Audi has tweaked the sound levels and I am very happy with the stereo quality sound. I also like the tek transmitter. I can now understand what the folks on the television are saying without much help from the cc.

I use my iPhone with Tek. I am interested in finding a land line phone too.

You may need to hold the tek up to 6-12" from your mouth for optimal sound. However, I bought the Tek mostly for hearing better, not for the hands free aspect. People I talk too tell me the sound quality is perfect.

I have also used the Oticon Streamer and the iCom. Neither producet had as good of sound or the quantity of features that the Tek has.

what about the hearing quality of the pure 700?
I tried the the pure 500 and i was really deceived
my intention was to get the 700 after trying the 500 because my audologist do not have the 700 yet

I have the 700’s and I have had a relatively good experience. I struggled a bit with speech comprehension, but with adjustments, it is now pretty good. I have the most trouble with televisions. However, the tek connect has really improved my ability to enjoy tv.

Do you wear the remote on a lanyard and if so can you speak into the remote while wearing it around your neck? How much does the remote weigh?

Do you use the Tek with a cell phone?

My audi let me borrow a Jabra A7010 BT hub to try out with my office phone. It works fine with my Tek. After pairing it once with the Tek you don’t have to do anything…they automatically pair up when you are with in range. The only thing that gets a little strange is that you have to take the desk phone handset off the hook to make or take a call.

Otherwise, it works great.

What is the weight of the Tek remote? Do you wear the lanyard with the remote attached?

I don’t know what it weighs…I couldn’t find anything on Siemens website that mentioned the weight either. I do wear it around my neck sometimes, usually when I’m talking on the phone and walking at the same time. But if I’m sitting at my desk I take it off and put it near my keyboard. It works fine that way too.

The size and weight of the Tek are Ok - but I wouldn’t mind seeing Tek 2.0 that weighs less and is smaller overall. Oh, and costs less too!

You can get the Jabra automatic headset lifter GN1000, I do and it works great.

That way you can use your iCom to answer calls even while away from your desk.

I haven’t been able to find a weight spec either. How does the weight compare to something roughly the same size like cell phone or a garage door opener?

I’m happy to know its possible to carry on a conversation while wearing it around your neck instead of holding the remote.

Less expensive is always nice.

You gave me an idea.

The Tek feels like it weighs pretty close to my cell phone, a Moto L2, so I looked up the weight of the cell and it’s 86 grams. So there you go, the Tek is close to 86g.

Now, that’s funny because my phone is an L2. I purchased it from Cingular last year.

Hi everyone. I was fitted with 2x Siemend Pure 500’s and the Tek enhancement about 6 weeks ago. I also abolutely love the Tek enhancement. I use the Tek with my cellphone regularly and have tried the transmitter with TV and with my CD player - all work fabulously well. I’ve started wearing the Tek around my neck mainly when I need use my cellphone and walk around. Placing the Tek on the desk next to the keyboard works very well.

But I also I have the same problems with connecting to my office phone. Will have to try and find out about the Jabra A7010 BT hub mentioned earlier in this thread. It’s just odd that the local techies don’t seem to know about this

I have just gotten this Jabra hub–and I cannot figure out how to pair it with the TEK. The instructions I received assume you will pair it with their headset. I already have the TEK paired with my cell phone, and I am wondering if the problem is that the TEK can only pair with one device. If anyone knows more, I’d be grateful to hear.