Use of a hearing Aid Shoe

I guess I am seeking general information about attaching a shoe to an aid. The advanges, uses, is it worth while? I understand one set up is that another person can have a mic pinned to them and can take to you if you remain in range. My wife would go for that I’m sure. Also interested in how the Bluetooth device works with a hearing aid. I plan on visiting a Costco soon so I guess they can answer my questions about that. I am wearing Nu Ear aids now and feel I can get better hearing elsewhere. Thanks for any info sent my way.

The FM boots can be very expensive, especially when you need to get two.

I often have my patients get the Phonak ComPilot and one FM boot that attaches to the bottom and they save $1,100 or so and have a full blueooth functionality with the ComPilot.


The Resound from Costco has an accessory called the mini-mic. You don’t need anything attached to the hearing aid. The other person can clip the mic on and talk to you and it transmits directly to the hearing aids. You can decide if you also want the hearing aid mics on when this is happening.