Use of 2 different processor models

My son was using Baha 4 processors both sides but 1 became damaged. The clinic lent us one Baha 5 as an interim solution and now he’s been using 2 different models for 6 months already, whilst we resolve some insurance elements to get a new pair of Baha 6. Is there any risk on using 2 different models simultaneously? Thank you for your attention to this query

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There is no risk using 2 different models. I’m a Teacher of the Deaf/HH. This often happens with BAHAs and CIs. Some of my students can tell a differnce of the sound between them but that tends to be when they are 2 versions apart. Ex.BAHA 4 and 6, N5 and N7. Kind of sad, the hoops parents have to go through with insurance to get new hearing technology for their children. I have students who we are just praying their technology breaks so they can finally qualify for updated technology.


Someone who comes to my Deaf Centre here in the UK, has 2 x different Cochlear Implants as one of her internal implants is too old for the new processor.

Some people have different brand Cochlear Implants in each ear as well. Found that out on Instagram.

I realise you’re talking about BAHAs but it shouldn’t be an issue.