Upload picture size?


What is the preferred picture size for uploading to a post, without it being a monster?


The forum software will automatically convert a large image to a smaller thumbnail so it won’t overflow the post area. You can then click the thumbnail to view the image larger or download it.


Thanks @rasmus_braun. I was going to say something like that and then go into a whole thing about pixel count and resolution and whatnot in explanation. You saved the forum from my ramblings. Everyone thanks you. :slight_smile:
Just keep images smaller in file size whichever way you prefer so it doesn’t take that moment of extra time to view the page. That and mobile users chewing up their data unnecessarily if they have their browser set to view images.


Ok, thanks but why I asked was because when I uploaded in the past, the pistures spilled out over the edges onto the floor and I had to do several edits to make them smaller.ape-scratch