Upgrading To Power Digital

I am upgrading to a power digital aid. I am deaf in the R ear in moderate to severe in the left, so I use a power aid for adequate gain. I am an attorney by trade and love music. My audi is telling me Omni Aria would be good for me. I wonder about the GN Resound Metrix or the Phonak Savia (Savia Art). I have a Gn Resound Canta 780-D that has been pretty good when it is working (its on its way to Lilly Electronics right now). Before that I had seeral Phonak analog sonofortes with audiozoom. I know I need diectional mikes on the new device. I am weighing forking over 2k to the local auid instead of gettind a metrix online for 750 just to have the local help available. I appreicate any input and advice on making this major choice. Are there any good/new brands or technologies that I am overloking? Thank you for your help. I am about to go crazy using my way old analog backup.

Yes, directional mics are almost a must.

The Phonak Savia Art, Micro Power and even the Eleva by Phonak would be good choices for more severe hearing losses.

Personally, I would stay away from the Omni and stick with the manufacturers that typically have good reputations, such as Phonak, GN Resound, Sonic Innovations, Siemens, etc.

Let us know how you do.