Upgrading from Linx3d to Quattro?


Hey there!
I have a dilemma maybe some of you can help.
I have a Linx3d 9, bought in June 2017. At the time it was the best option and I was under the impression that it will be at least 3-4 years till the next iteration. I paid about 1700e on it.

Now I understand that a new version is available ( quattro). I am not sure if I should upgrade…it’s again the same 1700e and in my country there is no buyback…and I am not sure how to sell this 3d ( which is useless if I upgrade). So basically my option now is to either: wait another 2 years until “5” ( basically skip a generation) or buy this now and hope it’s worth the upgrade.

I am not sure what to take in consideration. Linx3d works decently but hearing in loud environments, sometimes even normal conversations can be tricky, I also think my hearing deteriorated a bit so maybe it needs some extra calibration.
Lastly: I only have one good ear( right ), My left ear is completely deaf.

PS: I realize that quattro 5 is cheaper but I usually get the best version to have all the basis covered. I am not sure this is smart either but my audiologist says it’s better to have more channels. I am not really sure but oh well.

PPS: I’m sure some of you will say I should test it first. In my country I can only test it if I pay it upfront and then if I decide to return it they’ll keep a “testing fee” of about 200e. so even testing is an investment.

Thank you!!


I’d stick with what you’ve got. You’re unlikely to notice a huge change. Probably worthwhile getting your hearing retested and hearing aids adjusted to reflect the changes. If you’re having troubles in loud environments, consider getting a MultiMic.


I don’t think you’ll see a big difference either. The biggest difference will be changes in how they stream – Quattros are quicker to connect. If you’re struggling with what you have, consider checking out the Marvels.


according to resound they have buildup a new chipset and code, so there is a difference: most important: wide bandwidth up to 9,5K, dynamic range 116dBSPL(!), faster DSP’s/more memory, less power consumption, though I have no personal experience to compare.

2nd remark, it is useless to regret new hardware becomes available after your choice. Means, you would be satisfied when Resound does not develop further? Obviously you was satisfied with Linx3d, so stick on that feeling i would suggest :wink:

Suggest to stick on your HA’s lifetime (5yrs or so) as always new models come out, and that benefits to everyone!