Upgrade Recommendation for 7 Year Old Siemens

My wife is in the market for a new set of HA’s. She’s been using Siemens Illusion CIC’s for the last 7 years and it’s time for a new pair.

She had a Stapedectomy in her right ear 25 years ago and the procedure failed. The Doctor went back in 6 months later and that didn’t work either. It was a tramatic experience and she didn’t want to discuss or face her hearing loss. It took me 18 years to get her back for a check up and then the acceptance of HA’s. They have made a huge improvement in the quality of her life over the last 7 years.

Her numbers are as follows:

   Right      Left               SRT          WDS

250 40 15 R 55 90%@90
500 50 25 L 40 90%@75
1K 60 40
2K 60 50
4K 70 80
8K 80 –

The information on this site has been excellent and I’m very thankful for details. She’s looking at going with a set of open fit BTE’s. Nobody knows she wears HA’s and she wants to keep it that way. Which of the following would help her the most?

Phonak microSavia ART
Siemens Centra Life
Siemens Centra Active

Other receommendations? Do these have enough power to help with her loss? I’ve only been able to find “fitting ranges” at www.precisehearing.com and the smaller HA’s seem to be on the edge for her losses.

Would the speaker in the ear of the SaviaART CRT or Siemens Centra Active bennefit her type of loss? The OTO says she needs volume and her word recognition is good.

Again any help and recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Also, any audiologists in Central NJ that you may recommend. Thanks!

I would highly recommend the Savia ART CRT, initially using the closed dome or with a custom earpiece that Phonak makes or the new Audeo, which is just a little better designed casing with the same instrumentation.

Otherwise, if power is an issue the MicroPower IV may also be a great choice, particularly if we are concerned with future hearing loss.

Another powerful hearing aid is Sonic Innovations new ION 200, which is very small but powerful. The only drawback is that the design is not a receiver (speaker) in the ear design, but can be converted into a regular BTE earhook later and using slim tube initially.

Hope this helps you out.

Next week I get my Phonak small BTE . I don’t what model. I’m hoping I will realize a big improvement over my old analog ITC.

Admin - Thank you for your guidance & feedback. I think she’s going to try the Savia ART’s. I’ll let you know how things work out.

waltk1026 - I’d be interested in what Phonak’s you get. Good luck!

Just got my new aid today. By the way, I only can use one as my other ear is shot. They gave me a Phonak micro Eleva. Seems to be pretty good. I can’t believe how it feels, you don’t know its there and can just about see it. Harder to see than my ITC which from the side you can see it, not that’s a big deal, so you can see the ITC one. I need to see how this one is on my normal day activities. I’ll advise,

waltk1026 - That’s great. Good luck with them.
My wife just got a pair of Phonak Audeo V with closed domes. They’re the same internal circuitry as the Eleva’s but with a different housing. She says that the clarity is much better than expected. Plus she likes the feel of the tubes vs. the hard plastic of the CIC’s. They’re much more comfortable and she doesn’t feel clogged up. I’ll let you know how she adjusts after she’s been wearing them for a while. Thanks

Yes, the Audeo V is the same circuitry as the Micro Eleva and the Audeo IV is the same circuitry as the Savia Art.

Both are great hearing aids and I am glad she feels that they are comfortable, as that is what patients notice the most at first. In addition, they sound so natural and clear.