Upgrade from Siemens ArtisP e2e


almost 8 years I’m using Siemens Artis P e2e. Now I decided it’s time to do an upgrade. As I’m an programmer, and I’m interested in new technologies. I want to get out max features of new HA’s. Also I’m hoping to hear better speech as currently it’s a problem with some people voices, especially over skype calls, in meetings etc. Siemens audiologist is not very supportive and interested, so I decided to try another audiologist, which represent different brands.

Also I decided maybe it’s worth to try RIC instead of BTE. As my hearing in last 8 years hasn’t been changed, I don’t need an extra reserve in case my hearing gets worse.

I went to consultation with audiologist, and she suggested me to try Unitron. Currently looking at Unitron Moxi 20 with custom ear mold.

Is it worth to go with RIC, as I have never used them? It’s hard to compare different brands of hearing aids, but maybe it’s worth to go back to Siemens?

RIC power is selectable/changable. I found it a much better solution over my old BTE aids. As to brand, that is very user dependent. One might find them better and another not care for them. If you like technology, you want to think about a premium version which has additional programming for direction and noise suppression. That can just almost double the cost at clinics.

KenP, thanks for sharing your experience.

I also found that in my area is audiologist, which represents Starkey. Sounds that Starkey Halo HAs could be good choice. I just hope that RIC HAs will fit for me as my hearing loss is in between severe and profound.

edit: can someone change thread title to “upgrade from BTE to RIC”?!

The drivers used by smart phone is in transition. Both Resound and Starkey are the only two MFI phones available currently. These will link directly to the iPhone 5 and above and/or related grade tablet. I don’t know the Starkey aux device but the Resound has a phone clip plus that will attach to up to 8 additional blue tooth devices and can link to an Android phone. That’s what I have. I got them at Costco for $1800 + $206 for the clip. Their KS6 is a LinX by Resound at level between the 7 and 9 marketed under the Resound brand. Quite happy with the setup.

Bluetooth latency is a problem for some devices. That only really shows up watch TV or such. A bit like a Skype video call. :slight_smile: