Upgrade from Rexton Insite+?

It’s a little over 5 years ago that I got my Rexton Insite+ aids from Costco, and I certainly do hear better with them than without them, but I still can’t always understand what is being said. I had a “Tune up” about 18 months ago (I now have closed tips), and I’ll go back for another soon, but I’m wondering whether I’m ready for an upgrade rather than a tune up? A friend who got aids at Costco after me (maybe 3 years ago; I think they could be Bernafon) told me that the Costco people told him that the current models are better than his even. I did speak to one of the guys myself yesterday (not the one who fitted mine), and he too said that the new ones are much better and that they would let me try some of the new ones out in the store (as they did with the original ones), and that now they offer full refunds within 6 months. I do have the BluRCU remote, which is a great advantage for watching TV. My cell phone is an Android rather than an iPhone, so I know that I might need an extra gizmo with many of these new models to be able to access all the features from the phone. Has anyone here upgraded from the Insite+? If so, what did you get, and how much improvement have you found?

I have never tried that model. What are you struggling with currently? Has your hearing loss changed? You haven’t gotten the aids adjusted in 18 months so maybe the settings need to be tweaked. With that being said Costco is selling their version of the Resound Lynx2 for $2800. Add in the phone clip accessory for your android and you’re hands free. With a 6 month trial, you can’t go wrong.