Update your iPhone and your hearing aids

I have been having problems with my hearing aids especially with my new iPhone 12. I have scheduled an appointment to check my hearing and resound hearing aids (6 years old), but the hearing aid problems with words and sounds won’t wait until I had gotten my ears cleaned and new tests were made. Most sites just bemoaned similar problems with apple iOS connections and told readers to wait for an iOS 15 upgrade. I was already at 15.1 and the problems had not been corrected. I googled some more and found this very helpful advice. I turned off Bluetooth on both my iPad and iPhone and removed my ha connections from both. I also deleted my Resound Smart app from both. I followed the site’s steps and found a far better connection between my Reston hearing aids and my iPhone. I then downloaded the Reston Smart app and found this to be a new update to work better with my iPhone. Mmm, maybe I don’t need new hearing aids yet😊


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I have Oticon More aids with iPhone 13 with the latest IOS15.1 and I haven’t had that much connection issues. I just got my aids firmware updated Friday and it has been even better. Now I have to say this, do also have an IPad but don’t pair my aids to it also because if I do then I will have connectivity issues, and also the aids will drain the batteries faster. If I need to stream from my iPad then I use my connect clip that s paired to the iPad and aids. I don’t power on the connect clip until I am going to need to stream from my iPad or MacBook. I haven’t ran out of battery life but I don’t care to temp it.

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Wonderful suggestions.

Thank you!