Update: Trialing Starkey Wi

I’d appreciate any comments from experienced folks:

I’ve been trailing the Starkey Wi 110’s for 2 weeks now. (90 day trial total) These are my first aids. I do notice improvement comprehending speech, and I don’t have to work so hard to hear in a group. However, I’m retired and spend much of my time at home alone. My loss is mainly high frequency, hearing consonants and soft voices, and sorting out sounds in a noisy environment. I am not yet convinced that not having to ask people to repeat themselves is worth $5000 to me. I’m thinking that if the basic programming is sufficient most of the time, I don’t know that I need all their features, and I’m not sure I “need” them at all yet.

My HIS added the music program last week. Listening to music had been fine with the basic program, but playing the violin, close to my ear, caused a hard, scratchy “extra” sound. Starkey’s music program eliminated that, but I had to have him tweak that again, as all sound had a “sharp edge” to it.

The remote does not consistently change both aids the same way. Also the announcement of “One” and “Two” is annoyingly loud. The mute button only operates the Right aid most of the time. I am not sure, but I may sometimes have program 1 in one ear, and program 2 in the other.

Surf Link does not work at all. I connected it to my TV according to the directions, lights go on, touch works, touching the white star on the remote gives me a tweedledeedle sound, but I do not hear the TV through the aids at all, volume up or down. Anyone know how much that Surf Link costs by itself? I am not sure I really would use it that much, but I see comments that many are not satisfied with it anyway.

I’m concerned that if I return the Starkeys, my HIS told me he would never be able to get me this good price on them again. As I said, I’m not convinced my mild-moderate loss justifies $5000 at this time. The difference with and without them is noticeable, but not dramatically life-changing to me.

I had wanted to try the WalMart Simplicity but the HIS said they would not cover my high frequency loss. Is that correct? I can’t post a link here yet, but the specs are at generalhearing dot com

Thanks for any thoughts you have to share.