Update to Phonak Remote app available (new BT functionality for M-312 & M-R)


Appeared less than 24 hours ago; seems like a solution for those of us having issues with multiple sources, but I’m told the functionality requires the upcoming firmware update (due next week). Still, very exciting! The app update description says the following:

“Selection of available Bluetooth audio sources (e.g. audiobooks or music streaming) connected to the hearing aids.”


I don’t understand. Audiobooks and music streaming would seemingly be the same source (phone)?


It showed up in my iPhone App Update today. I did the update but don’t see any difference???


I’m running Android on a Google Pixel 3. The latest version I have is:
Version: 2.1.0
Updated on: Feb 15, 2019

I have not noticed any difference between this version and the prior version The What’s New says it was updated for the Marvel hearing aids, but it said that before. Well behaved apps should indicate the changes in this area when released, even if it just says the typical “bug fixes and performance improvements”.


Looks like Apple is getting the non-update first. The What’s New doesn’t show anything different, but the app description gives the text that Tenkara referenced about being able to select available Bluetooth audio sources connected to the hearing aids. See the screen shot below I swiped from my wife’s iPhone. It’s frustrating to see it on iPhone first since Phonak readily acknowledges that more people run Android and that there is a big demand for the Marvels from the Android users.

I decided to pair my Marvels to her iPhone and the app is exactly the same as it is on my Android and there are no new options to do what is described for selecting audio sources within the app. Seems like they messed up the release timing unless it’s smart enough to read the firmware version from the Marvels and enable the options if available. If that’s the case, they should still indicate that in the description. Hopefully it’s a good sign that the new firmware is coming soon to fix the pairing issues with only being able to pair with a single device at a time and the iPhone problems.


I had to sign a privacy agreement before starting the app (GDPR), the following text is part of it:


I believe the iOS update to the app was in preparation to the push beginning next week to correct the major problem with the iPhone XS/ XS Max. It will introduce hand-free calling on these devices that was previously not available. It will require users of these devices to contact their audio provider and request a firmware update to their Audéo M devices.


How do you know it is next week?


It’s been verified by several Phonak sources in the US.


Is there an online source we can follow?


I don’t believe so. Information has been flowing from the reps to the Audiology offices.


I agree with you and hope they introduce it for the Android devices at the same time. They’ve maintained parity between iOS and Android up to this point, so I’m hoping it stays that way.


This was specifically noting the iPhone XS and XS Max. I believe the rest of the iPhone models as well as Android models use the hands free functionality seamlessly already.


I’ve received an update for Android last night


What version do you have? My Google Pixel 3 Phone shows 2.1 Updated Feb 15, 2019, but the Google Play Store shows 2.1 Updated Feb 19, 2019. I’m not sure why the dates are out of sync.

The app description says: “- Selection of available Bluetooth audio sources (e.g. audiobooks or music streaming) connected to the hearing aids” I don’t remember seeing that last time I looked. Maybe it’s been there all along.


2.1.0, so you’re set :slight_smile:


So I have no idea what this update is supposed to do for me?? I see no difference. Is this the update for the iPhone XS compatibility or something else??


The firmware update expected next week will have the fix for XS/XR and also (hopefully) for issues with multiple BT devices. The new app should allow choosing BT sources.


iPhone XS and XS Max only. iPhone XR is fully compatible.


Well then I guess we will find out next week. What is the date the firmware upgrade is supposed to happen?