Update Profile to show new hearing aids


How do I change the hearing that I wear now? It shows the old hearing aid


Go to https://www.hearingtracker.com/
Click link to Update Review

Okay, that should work!


It takes me to the halos which is what I had previously. If I search for resound 612, I can enter a review but the hearing aid Halo is stilled displayed.


Oh Yeah, I see what you mean. I naively thought that Update Review would allow you to change from the old review to a new review. Maybe it allows you to review whatever hearing aid you please.

Are you thinking it means you are wearing this type of hearing aid?


I think you can go here; Hearing Aid Reviews - Highly-Rated Hearing Aids For 2018

Pick a hearing aid

And then review it.

eta> But like you, I am unclear of the linkage to your account profile?


Exactly. I want to change the hearing aid that shows on my profile. Probably no big deal, but someone may look and assume it was a halo issue. I did do a review of the Reounds though.


@abram_bailey_aud can you help us to know about the linkage between your profile and the hearing aids you review? Does your profile simply point to the first hearing aid that you reviewed?