Update on Resound Future trial

I got the Resound Futures in early April. I have had several adjustment sessions to take care of relatively minor issues. My trial runs out soon and I’m definitely keeping these, they are really very good.

I’m using the tulip domes, a type of open fit dome that helps cut down on feedback. The aids fit well and the little wire stays against my head, most of the time. I would say I have to push the right side back in a few times every day but the left side is locked in, stays that way all day.

At first the sound was a little tinny and “electronic” sounding, compared to my trial of the Kirkland Signatures. But after a couple of weeks and a couple of adjustments they sound very good.

After my visit yesterday my program settings are 1 -General, 2 - Noisy Restaurant or party, 3 - Music/TV, 4- Phone Now because none of my phones trigger it automatically and she didn’t have the little magnets you stick on the phone.

Strengths of the Resound Future:

Feedback - Good feedback control, better than the Kirklands. I’m not getting any feedback in normal hearing situations (I can make them feedback if I really try). Starkey must still have better feedback because I can’t make my old Destiny CIC feedback no matter what I do.

Sound quality - Excellent. Program 1 has all the bells and whistles and it adjusts very well to different situations. I use the other programs seldom.

Speech in background noise - Very good. Very adjustable so we keep inching up the speech and inching down the soft and loud background noise.

Directionality of sound - Excellent. I can actually tell exactly where sounds are coming from. I don’t have to look at other people’s faces to see where they are looking.

Very discreet - No one notices them. Mine are charcoal and gray.

Super comfortable - I can’t feel them at all. I have to reach up to make sure they are still there.


Phone Clip - I use it every day but I can’t use it when I’m in a noisy place because it has no noise limiting and picks up everything in the background. Also, the transmitter to the hearing aids is weak and one or the other hearing aids will drop out of a call. Comes with a cheap plastic lanyard which I use in order to wear the phone clip under my shirt. The lanyard is already splitting. It will come apart in a few more months. Phone clip can only connect to one device at a time. Seriously Resound, better effort needed for a bluetooth device. But, it’s the only game in town right now so I use it every day. I would be willing to test and report any changes Resound wants to make.

Hearing aids do not talk to each other - So if you set one to a different program you have to set the other one also. I miss that feature from the Kirklands.

Not rechargeable - At least not from the Resound. Is there another option to get rechargeable batteries and a charger? Again, miss that feature from the Kirklands.

Other comments

Physical handling - They are very small but so far I haven’t had any trouble handling the battery door, or putting them on or taking off.

Battery life - They use a 312 battery and I get 4.0 - 4.5 days no matter how I use them or what brand battery I use.

Thanks for the great update on the Futures, Don. I have had my Futures for a couple of weeks now and have been back for adjustments once (increase overall volume in program 1, and increase background noise suppression in the Restaurant mode - program 2). I plan to go again in another couple of weeks but so far I am quite happy.
I really did hope that the aids would talk to each other so that I would only have to shift from program to program on one HA, but alas, it was not to be. That is one feature that would definitely be nice. I hope that people from Resound check in to HAF and read the real world feedback on their products.
I will probably opt out of the phone clip as I am able to have phone conversations very easily without the Bluetooth while wearing my HA’s.
Still considering the TV Streamer although after my first adjustment session the TV comes in loud and clear and I seem to have no problem with volume or speech recognition.
Also they seem to stay in my ears fairly well, although I wish the wire would ride a bit closer against my head. I did try the sport locks and found that I fiddled more with them, than without as they would occasionally pop out from my concha and I would get “the hairy ear(s)”, if you know what I mean. I also tried trimming the end of the lock to make it a bit shorter but found that the shorter locks made my ears itch. So I have chosen for now, to not use the locks. May try the tulips although I am spoiled by the zero occlusion with the open domes, and I have no feedback problems.
Battery life seems to be about 8 or 9 days, and the left so far has gone out before the right - probably because the hearing loss is greater in my left ear and the aids use more juice providing the needed boost.
I do have to ask my wife to speak a bit softer when she is right next to me. I guess she was used to having to speak loudly to me for a number of years (I have yet to ask her to shut up, however!):slight_smile:

Finally, I have followed your postings about your trial of the Futures for awhile now, and want to thank you. Your comprehensive postings helped me to decide to try the Futures (and Costco), and, as I said, I am pretty happy so far!

Thanks, Wired!

I’m glad I could help in some small way.

Do you have the remote? I haven’t really paid much attention to the remote but I think I might get it. It let’s you change the volume on each hearing aid differently which would be nice at times.

I’m trying the sport lock thing again for the right side and it is staying in much better. The first day though, yesterday, it itched quite a bit but maybe that phase has passed now.

I do not have the remote but am considering it, along with possibly the streamer - but as I am not having trouble with hearing and understanding TV after the last (first) adjustment I will probably forgo that. The remote does seem a bit expensive and I sure would like to see one and hold it in my hands before I purchase.
I think I am going to also not be using the sport locks as the HA’s seem to stay in my ears pretty well. Do anyone know if the wires can be slightly modified i.e. bent to stay closer to one’s head?

IMO the remote is a must with these aid, changing program by the remote is easier the clicking the buttons on the aids, plus the remote will tell you what program your on and to adjust the volume also, I have the beeps turned off so I dont hear the amounts of tones to tell you what program i’m in but the remote will, I have done this to make it faster to change programs. The remote is not a bad size, I have cut down a old mobile phone case to suit the remote and now clip it to my belt, have also put the phone clip in a phone case to protect it some

The TV streamer is great, it lets you set the volume to your liking in the aids and leaves the tv volumes the level they like

The phone clip, well we all know of drop outs and clip, wearing my aids and to use a mobile phone i would have to remove one to take the call, I put up with the drop outs but have worked out it best if the phone clip is up near your top pocket, I even clip it to the sun visor in the car

Thank you all who’ve posted about your Futures. I’ve been rereading all the entries.

I picked up my Futures (and remote) today! So happy to have two hearing aids. I like the sound quality a lot I have the natural directionality, restaurant, party and music. I’m not sure what the difference is between restaurant and party. But then I haven’t tried these programs out in the appropriate settings. I am aware that when I switch to the music program, my voice becomes very muted. I think for now I’m sticking with program 1.

I have an appointment in 2 1/2 weeks to go back for adjustments. The ReSound rep will be there that day. In the meantime, I’ll keep you posted. BTW… NO feedback whatsoever. Can’t even force it.

All you Future experts. Anything I should be looking for?

I use a portable hair dryer at my practice to help form the receiver wire (a trainer taught me this trick a while back although they do not encourage this because the wire might break if not done right).

I’m no expert, but all the different programs are adjustable. I think party is like restaurant except more background lowered but, you can adjust either one. We keep lowering background on my program two. I call my program two restaurant/party because she has adjusted the restaurant setting down to less background than the party.

Listen to music or TV with the music setting and see if you need any changes. My voice is not muted when on the music program. Sounds like maybe the overall gain is low on that program?

Are yours turned up where you want them? I had to ask for the gain to be turned up, which also meant adjustments to feedback, then we got the rep on the phone and we adjusted (lowered) the compression so it would sound better with less distortion. Lowering the compression makes things louder? Experts?

Anyway, the slight distortion in some situations is going away (it’s my ears and not the aids). Maybe it’s gone, I can’t hear any right now.

Things sound so good on the general program and it adjusts so well that I forget to change to another program. I can’t feel them either so it’s like I can actually hear.

Just a quick update. Right now I’m liking my Futures less than I did two days ago. I’m still saying “what?” more often than I’d expected to. I have some feedback in the left ear when I press against it or or put my head down. Most importantly, it is NOT masking my tinnitus. :frowning: My old Oticon Delta did and I think the Verites that I tried on briefly did as well. The fitter thought she had programmed the Futures to block the hissing. But in fact my tinnitus was very slight that day. Today it’s hissing away. This will be the deal breaker for me. So I’m hoping that it can be remedied. I expect to go back this coming week.

Off subject, did someone here say that there was a new version of the Verites coming out this month?

I have really bad tinnitus also and it is better with the aids in. Maybe they can adjust it to make it more comfortable.

I heard that somewhere too, about a new Verite. I’ve been looking at the Costco site and the Bernafon site but nothing yet.

Do your Futures eliminate the tinnitus noise?

Please post and/or PM if you hear anything about the new Verite.

The jury is still out on the Futures. But one thing I wanted to share was how much I like having a remote! Yesterday, I was in physical therapy and there was a speaker above my right ear and a therapist on my left side. I couldn’t hear what she was saying at all. Then I remembered. Turned down the right ear and voila I could hear. Today I was working with a student who sat on my right and mumbled. I simply reached in my purse and turned volume way up and settled back to hear her!

They don’t eliminate it because if I think about it I can hear it, but I never notice it while the aids are in (and my tinnitus is pretty bad).

I don’t know if that is due to anything in the way the Futures work, I think it was that way with the previous CICs I had (one Starkey, one Rexton). I think with everything else being boosted the tinnitus is relatively quiet.

Before hearing aids I had learned to ignore it most of the time but with hearing aids it’s not a problem.

I am like Don in that if I don’t think about my tinnitus I am not usually aware of it. In fact I wasn’t aware of it until I read Don’s post, then once again, I noticed it.
The Futures do not seem to help mask, nor do they increase, the tinnitus

The intrusiveness of my tinnitus varies from hour to hour. Ever since I lost the Oticon Delta for my right ear, it’s seemed to grow louder. The Delta definitely blocked it out. Even though most of the time I can ignore the noise, I’m looking for an aid that can eliminate the noise or block most of it out. I’m hoping the Futures can be adjusted to do that.

Today, my left Future died, not even a week after I picked it up. Soooo frustrating. I spoke with the fitter and tried new batteries, battery from the working one, pulling off the dome looking for wax etc. I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow. So I’ll put my Delta in one ear and the Future in the other. :frowning: (at least I’m fortunate that the remaining Delta is for my left ear.)

I just wanted to give an update and ask for some input. My dead Future was replaced and was adjusted while the ReSound rep was at Costco. I’ve been wearing both aids for a couple of weeks now and know I need some adjustments. I’m finding that in listening to the higher voices I’m having some trouble with my speech discrimation. ( my discrimination scores at 50 were 100 and 96%) This happens both when I’m watching TV and when I’m around people. I’m still asking people to repeat things. I’m also missing hearing the melody (treble) sometimes at what are “normal” listening levels for others. My tinnitus is still shining through loud and clear.

Before I try the Verite or even demo it again, I’d like some feedback from all of you who are hearing aid savvy about what I might suggest to the fitter who is defnitely less experienced with the Futures than the Verites.

BTW… the Futures are amazingly comfortable! I’ve fallen asleep with them many, many times and in general after my last adjustment have found most voices, my own included, to sound very natural.

I have found that with my Oticon HA my Tinnitus is masked quiet effectively also. If you decide to end your trial with the Futures you could trial a Bernafon HA at Costco ( their parent Co. is Oticon), maybe they will work as well as the Delta’s did.

Yes, I did demo both the Future and the Verite, and the Verite did a much better job even without adjustments of masking the tinnitus.

I was outside before and my tinnitus was so loud it interfered with my hearing the birds. So if the masking issue can’t be resolved in the next visit, I’m going to try the Verite. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll move on to demo an Oticon though I really don’t want to spend the $$$.

I felt like I could understand people better when we lowered the compression on the Futures. We generally lowered compression (frequency by frequency) from around 2.2 - 2.3 to around 1.6 - 1.8. This also makes everything louder and they (the audiologist and the Resound rep on the phone) wanted to turn down the overall gain and I said no. So everything is loud and clear.

My audiologist volunteered to get the Resound rep on the phone after my third or fourth adjustment session and it was a very good move. The rep just talked us both through the whole process, checked things, changed a few things, asked me some questions, etc.

Thanks Don. I’ll bring that info with me when I go back for my next adjustment.