Update on my phonak brio 3 issues


Well my fitter at Costcos last night was rather shocked to hear my issues around the buzz noise that started 2 days after receiving them and went oh wow when she heard the noise from my left hearing aid. Although connecting it to the Phonak programming software immediately stopped the buzz noise, it still sounded wierd almost muted a bit like it was trying to start buzzing again.

Both fitters were at a loss on what could’ve caused it, and it’s strange that it stopped as soon as she connected it to the wireless programmer after both conferred with me on when it happened, how often, and what I did to stop it and the fact the last time it started it wouldn’t stop they felt despite the fact the buzz had been corrected it would be best to send it to phonak to make sure it wouldn’t return. I could’ve in theory kept it but since I haven’t been able to wear it for four days I didn’t want that what if it starts up again palava.

My tuning appointment is 2 weeks and I will get a call once my hearing aid is ready to be picked up. Yay fun times


I hope they replace your HA rather then repair it as it’s so new. I don’t think it’ll be right for you to have a repaired HA.


I agree. No use fooling around with a defective HA.


Thank you everyone for the replies. Just waiting on that It’s back and ready for pickup call will be very interesting to see what phonak decide to do.


I called Costco’s today as it’s been nearly 2 weeks without my left hearing aid ew, They had called phonak yesterday regarding how much much longer I’d be waiting the lady on the phone said usually it’s a 3-4 day wait but it’s day 8 so far she said phonak anticipate that it will be shipped in the next 2-3 days once/if it passes quality control standard testing. Sort of a bummer as im almost a month into my trial period has been spent with only having 2 working aids for less than two weeks. I’ve noticed I’m back to saying huh or what all the time and yesterday was the worst I couldn’t even hear my server in a resteraunt to the extent my husband had to shout at me from the next serving station in order to understand what was said :disappointed:


That’s a real bummer you’re still waiting. I hope Phonak are right and it’ll be shipped back within the next 2 days.


Are you still waiting to get them back? I hope not.


@zebras they called late Friday afternoon saying my hearing aids were back and fixed! I was actually working so called Saturday per their request to arrange a appointment time since nothing was available till Wednesday I asked to just pick it up on Thursday during my tune up appointment. Thank you for checking in on whether I’d got it back yet 2 more days and I’ll be hearing better again hopefully without a wierd buzz lol :wink:


@LoubyLou Glad they called. I hope they give you a new HA as there so new. Not long till Thursday now. :slight_smile:


Ask for new trial period to start when you pick them up.


@edkoc thanks my husband actually said that as well!


Well Costco’s called a few hours ago and cancelled my tune up appointment, not impressed for some reason their call confirming appointment this morning came through on my cell phone . But they called my husband’s phone to cancel the appointment this afternoon. He asked if we could still just pick up the Hearing aid on our visit anyway as friends were also wanting to shop they said yes. What a palava I’m actually starting to regret going the Costco’s route as I was needing this tune up on some issues I’ve had over the past week in certain environments. The biggest one is speech/singing with live music I cannot understand a word sung during live music.


Boy, that isn’t the Costco I know. I know my store is harried at times and suppose to get another booth.

I would gently insist on knowing why the cancellation. Call and explain you really would like an adjustment soon. My HAD even fitted me in on part of his lunch hour. Tell them about the good too so you don’t look one sided.

Singing has been problematic for me at times. It is OK listening over the TV/soundbar. I was at an event in a barn like room (cathedral ceiling and hard walls) that I couldn’t even tell what the choir was singing.


Thanks for replying @KenP I hadn’t banked on experiencing as much live music in the past 2 weeks as I have, one was a choir performance in a schools auditorium I could hear the piano beautifully but. the singers none mics and on mics had me going uhhh what?? The second was my husband’s old coffee haunt reunion i could only understand the musicians whom played a accoustic guitar and didn’t focus on shout singing over their bass guitar and amps. Pre recorded music seems good Everything else is fab about my hearing aid except maybe speech in echoey rooms. They explained my fitter became unwell I’m booking a new appointment when I grab my hearing aid today. Whilst I’m happy mostly I just wish I hadn’t been 1 sided for so long due to whatever issue with the left HA.


@LoubyLou have you got your HA back and is it working?


@zebras yess I picked it up yesterday afternoon! it works perfectly phonak decided to just completely replace the hearing aid with a new one which was a surprise I asked the receptionist whether they said what was wrong with the other one, she explained normally they say on the note but it only said new replacement. I guess it wasn’t fixable whatever the issue was.

I forgot to update this thread yesterday my follow up appointment. is 4th of June she had trouble finding a appointment due to having to rearrange cancelled appointments, also in the next few months there will be two fitters instead of one as the other person is being trained at the moment. So it should be easier to book appointments without long waits.


@LoubyLou So glad you got a replacement. I wouldn’t be happy with a repaired one as they are so new.

Hopefully June 4th comes around quickly.

Must be nice hearing with 2 HAs again. :smile:


That’s great that Phonak finally got their act together. You were so happy with the results and then the problem. Quick return to happy, I hope.

The clerk assigned to the hearing aid dept you talked to is probably the new fitter. They are allowed to train when a new booth or replacement fitter is needed. It is a way Costco can promote someone that doesn’t want to go into a manager’s position. My current fitter did that. We were having some problems a while back and got the manufacturer’s rep to try. The fitters adjustments were better and I use those.


That is what they said they did with my Brio2 last month. When I checked the serial #, it was the same as the one I dropped off. I’m thinking little white lie.


They can replace the whole device and reload the eeprom with all of your settings and then replace the case with your serial number.

It will read out like it has the same serial number/settings as the aid that went back, despite having all new hardware.