Update Kirkland 8 vs Resound Forte 8 and a new Costco

Hi, I bought the resound forte 8 because my costco ppl told me that the echo I heard in the KS8 would never go away when I tested them. I called my mom’s costco guy to get her some new domes. In conversation he asked me what HA I had just gotten and then he asked why I didn’t get the KS8’s. I told him it was because when I tested the KS8’s for 10 mins I had an echo and was told that it would never go away. He said that this was not correct and I am not the first to make my way to him. Like you all said here, he adjusted the KS8’s and they were better than the Resound forte 8’s. I have mild hearing loss so there is no reason for me to spend $800 more. I got one blue and one light brown because I could never tell the right from the left without putting reading glasses on. Also, blue is fun!

I’ll let you know if the app works ok. I really didn’t use the resound app other than for volume because nothing seemed to help. I do think that the Resound are great HA’s but mine were not set properly so if you have them, I don’t want to make you feel bad. I really did have zero echo with them.

Thanks for the help!

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Once the receiver is on the hearing aid, you can’t accidentally wear the left one on the right ear. But once you take the receiver out, then it’s young to be hard to tell.

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