Update...do not buy used hearing Aids off Ebay, Costco


They do offer Phonaks and ReSound, as well as their private brand. But they do not include features that I consider mandatory. Tried a pair of the ReSound aids that were priced at $2,500.00. They didn’t have feedback control and squealed even when I bought earmolds. The earmolds were a joke: the receivers stuck out of the back of the earmold 1/8 inch because the specialist didn’t know how to make the impressions. They also were also painful. The RIC wires were too long, and bulged away from my ear. When I used the “knife and fork” (restaurant), it didn’t do much of anything. I’ve owned 20+ pair, and never had this many problems. I returned them.


the first thing I did with the (Costco)ks6 pair I bought on ebay was put new batteries in them and put them in my ears–that was not gonna work!! The previous owner and I apparently had hearing lost not remotely similar.


The Costco aid programming software is not available to other than Costco.


Been mentioned in numerous other threads. This applies only to KS5 and KS6 and other Costco Resound models. KS7, KS8, Phonaks, Bernafons and Rextons are not locked to Costco software.


As a followup to my original post, I shopped eBay and found a pair of Oticon opn1’s for $2,500.00. They came with a one year warranty (which I paid for) and a no-questions-asked return policy for 30 days. The price included programming and I sent in the report I received at Costco. I have owned them for about a year with no problems. No, I don’t dare return them to Oticon because they will confiscate them. (I was told this by an Audiologist who worked for a traditional practice. Not sure it is true.) Previously I was told by a Starkey factory representative that Starkey would not confiscate them unless they were a pair that were given to a person as a replacement for lost or stolen aids covered under warranty. That may be true, but determining the source might be difficult if you buy on the Internet. Nevertheless, I will never buy hearing aids at full retail unless the pricing becomes reasonable. The opn1’s are working great! What I have found is a good Audiologist who sells for a reasonable price and is located in the US.


That is why you need a hearing test done and the hearing aids adjusted to your loss. There are companies other than audiology practices that will adjust your hearing aids properly,