Upcoming Phonak Technology

It seems that the newest Phonak Technology is the Audeo Life which is a waterproof version of the Paradise.

I will soon qualify for new hearing aids, and currently have been using M90s for 3 years. It seems a whole new platform technology has been introduced about every 1.5 years, and I am wondering if the waterproof Audeo Life is what we will see over he nextyear or so,or whether a whole new platform might be introduced.


I might be wrong but the children’s version of hearing aids, the Phonak Sky has not been released in the Paradise line yet so I don’t know how close we are to seeing a new release yet.


A long time ago, some smartphone manufacturers started introducing it to have a waterproof option but not all smartphone models. Just some of the most expensive models.
Director Xiaomi said he will not introduce this feature as he cannot guarantee that this water resistance will last permanently. seals that protect smartphones from water can loosen over time and become less waterproof. Well, that water resistance should be seen as “if it happens by chance”.
It is similar for hearing aids, if you accidentally entered the shower with hearing aids, if you accidentally fell into the pool, or in a glass of water, etc. But the water resistance to bathe with them, to be constantly in the rain, I think it’s better not to think of it that way.

In addition, hearing aids already have water resistance to some extent, they can withstand light rain, sweat, etc.

I do not expect that it will be the next new platform, but only a luxury option for those who have more money. Maybe Phonak has a plan to introduce this option for other hearing aids like Naida.


I suspect that in August September 2022 will come the successor to the Paradise Generation


Totally agree with your observation! As a swimmer I would LOVE TO HEAVEN a pair of truly sealed, waterproof aids (albeit they’d have to be vented for comfortable hearing).

Imagine aids that can be worn in the shower with hot, soapy water; in the pool with chemicals and chlorine, snorkeled with in the ocean with all that saltwater. It’s just a Herculean challenge! Not even stainless steel can get the job done in simple rainwater.

No. I’ve given up on the dream of truly waterproof aids. And yes, all aids are MINOR-LY water resistant, but I sure wouldn’t put that to the test either as my Marvels are almost $7K for the pair. It’s such a pity, cuz I could use waterproof aids getting my hair colored/washed, swimming laps, doing water sports!

I’ve resigned myself to removing the aids, making sure anyone around (lifeguard, partner, friends, family) know I have cinderblock ears, and then enjoying a very solitary time in any kind of water deaf as a sinking cinderblock. Not ideal. :neutral_face:


Thanks everyone! I really hope that a new platform will be released this year. Water resistance doesnt really interest me, I just want to hear speach in challenging circumstances better!

I love phonak streaming quality,

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The current Paradise Phonaks do stream really well. Better than your Marvel aids do. Go check out the KS 10’s at Costco. They are essentially Phonak P90’s for a great price.

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I am happy enough with Marvel streaming, and hoping the next level of technology will significantly improve speech recognition in difficult circumstances. Ihave heard mixed reviews about paradise. And each platform seems to improve on this.

Also, my insurance covers 100% of the cost of a new pair every three years. I have just come to the three years, but will lose this insurance at the beginning of 2023 due to job change. So, I will hopefully see a new platform release in this calendar year.

I will continue with my Marvels (which are currently having their final warranty service).

It is good to know costco offers relatively new phonak technology because after my next pair, I will be paying out of pocket.

Tell the audiologist that on your marvel, make the speech sharper. He can choose the conditions in which you want it.
Paradise has brought some improvements, but I don’t think the improvements in understanding are that drastic compared to Marvel.

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I was also going to add that the Costco KS brand (similar to Phonak) was having trouble in many cities selling a Phonak-compatible TV Connector for these aids. So even folks who wore Marvels (not the Costco brand) and wanted to buy a TV Connector at Costco were unable to do so.

I am VERY intrigued about the Costco pricing model, but will likely find a new audi in the new state/city I live in. I’ve found that with my hearing issues, I can’t just buy a pair of aids and be off and running with them. The aids typically need several follow-on visits for fine-tuning programs.

And as a note to warneral: YES you can VERY MUCH improve the speech discrimination with Marvel aids. I had my audi boost the lower frequencies while keeping the crisp upper ones. He added Acoustic Phone as a program so I can hear SUPER on phones that don’t stream with my aids (hotel room, office, family/friend’s house phone, etc.,).

I’m VERY happy with the Marvel phone streaming and TV Connector performance overall. But if you’re looking for SPEECH clarity in NOISY places … well, welcome to the club! That is the Holy Grail among just about anyone wearing hearing aids. It simply isn’t there yet. Doesn’t matter if it’s state-of-the-art, Artificial Intelligence, Genie, Wizard-on-Board, call-it-whatchawill! It does not exist! There are workarounds like the Roger ConnectPal and Pen lines, but they often involve carrying around yet another device that may get lost, forgotten or damaged.

Some fine day, I’m hoping a pair of aids will be able to stream with ANY Bluetooth device - as many as we want! Connect, pair up dozens! Effortlessly. Even better, the aids would be DYNAMITE in noisy places, letting me just incline my head towards a speaker and hear as if I could read lips! That day is not here tho, so we do the best we can with some very good devices out there.

Imagine if those wearing glasses could only find pairs that had a moderate-sized occlusion smack in the middle of their field of vision? How annoying/unsafe it would be to get out and about. But they’d have to learn to turn their head, slide their eyes to the sides and make do with it. That’s kind of how I feel wearing aids in NOISY places.

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