Untiron Moxi Next 8

:confused:I am new to this forum, and I probably need to learn alot before I can discuss muc. But I do need to bounce a question off someone who has more experience than me. I have a set of Unitron Moxi Next 8 for almost a year. As of late I have gone thru 3 different receivers, and now my dealer wants to send it back for repair. It seems to quit after a loud noise, or it just seems to quit for no apparent reason. I was told this was normal for a BTE instrument. Hiow does humidity, outside temps, affect the components within? When I put them down for the night, should I be putting them in a hearing aid dehumidifier to prolong their longevity?
Has anyone else been thru this scenario before?
Thank you for your time

It’s not normal for a BTE to act this way. You should be getting 120 to 130 or so hours of battery life. If you are not, it may be caused by being in a loud environment, or your batteries are of an old stock i.e., warehoused or sitting in the store too long, or there’s something wrong with the aids that’s causing a high drain. In cases like this, I’ll change the battery to one that I know is fresh and see if that solves the problem. I doubt that the receivers are causing the problem.