Unsolicited email ads?

I don’t believe I’ve received email ads before. These don’t have any forum news it’s just an ad and I don’t see anyway to limit that. I don’t mind ads in the forum and even when I receive forum notices but I don’t want to receive pure ads. If there’s no way to limit that I’ll have to stop notifications all together. Maybe I’m missing something?

Many thanks.

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Are you referring to the Widex email? If so, you can opt out at the bottom of the email and you won’t receive any more. The ad went out to our newsletter subscribers, and has nothing to do with the forum notifications. Sorry, we have to send occasional emails from sponsors to keep the lights on. At least until we figure out a better way to support all this! Most of our newsletter content is just normal editorial stuff … So if you can ignore the occasional promotion (no more than once per month on average) we’d love to keep you on the newsletter list. :wink:

The unsolicited mail I receive is absolutely not a problem, almost rare. Some of it I actually like and check it out, educational.

Technically, no one should be on our newsletter list who hasn’t opted in by checking an opt in box when registering an account. However, I can understand why the occasional ad may be unwelcomed by some/many who prefer just an informative newsletter. I will try to limit this type of promotion to the best of my ability moving forward. I personally would prefer zero advertising. We’ll get there soon. The plan is to ramp up our research business… But it’s taking a little while to get off the ground.