Universal streamer?

Hi All,
Thanks for contributing to this forum. I’ve learned a lot just by reading the posts. I’ve got new Oticon Agile BTEs on trial. Since I’m new to HAs, they seem to be working well so far. However, they were expensive ($5500). I’m interested in bt streaming, but I’m not ready to fork over the $550 for the Oticon streamer just yet. Seems like a lot of $ for something basic (by today’s technology). Is there a lower cost option that I can use with especially with my phone and tv?

If your audiologist wants $550 for the Streamer they are ripping you off. Call around and see if what the other audi’s in your area want for it and if that doesn’t work go online and see what you can buy it for; I think Hearing Planet sold them for about $250.

Maybe I wasnt clear enough. The $550 is for the complete package, streamer, tv connect, landline connect. Checked Hearing Planet, but they don’t seem to carry it.

I have been using the Oticon streamer for six months, and find it extremely useful.

First, my audiologist only charged approx $250-$300 for the streamer.

Next, i find the volume control very useful, and in meetings use it constantly to adjust the volume for each speaker.

The Bluetoth connection is great for my cell phone, although i did have to upgrade to a new cell. My old phone was 4+ years old, and while it was a BT phone, it just did not work well with the streamer. The new phone works great. I had avoided using the cell phone before i had the BT streamer. Now i prefer cell over land lines.

I bought the Phone Connect, but have been very dissapointed. It seems to loose the “pairing” with the streamer quite regularly, and “re” pairing the Phone Connect with the streamer (for me) usually requires unplugging the Phone Connect, plugging it back in, then pairing it with the streamer. Thinking it was defective, my audiologist traded it out with a new Phone Connect. No change. Hopefully other people have had better luck with the phone connect than I have!

Good luck!

I’ve had the same problem with my Phone Connect adapter; it either won’t stay paired or it acts as if it’s still receiving a call.

Thanks for the feedback. Is there a good alternative for the tv connect and/or the streamer itself? The Oticon still seems very pricey to me. Also read another thread that they may be offering a new version soon. Anyone have any info on new features/pricing?

The current TV connect works pretty good, the earlier version I tried had a delayed transfer of the audio of a very short time but was enough to drive you crazy. You can also use a patch cord from the audio out of the TV into the bottom of the Streamer; this works just as well as the adapter and also uses less battery life than in Bluetooth mode.

if the folks you bought the aids from are trying to charge you $500 I would throw a fit and try returning the aids. Searching the web it look’s like you can find it for $250 +/-.

Oticon’s new aids are scheduled to be released at the end of this month or the beginning of next month, so you may want to delay for a few weeks. I’ve heard they’re going to be updating the Streamer, but don’t know for sure.

As for getting the Streamer cheaper elosewhere, you’d then have the problem of getting it programmed to work with your hearing aids. The serial number of the Streamer needs to be linked with the aids in the Oticon software, it won’t work out of the box. You did get a pretty good price on the aids themselves, so all together it’s not a bad price for the package.

Nobody seems to be answering your actual question - everyone here seems obsessed with getting you the streamer for less than $500 :slight_smile:

Anyway, as far as I am aware there are no universal streamers that are available. You are tied to each manufacturers streamer. If you change HA to a different manufacturer you then have to get a new streamer.

You could try an Artone Bluetooth neckloop but it won’t save you a lot of money since the cost of the Streamer is around $250-$300 and it won’t tie you into the TV or landline phone which your package deal already is doing.

I was given an Oticon streamer to try out. I was quite disappointed. Granted, I have only paired it with the audio on my phone so far (don’t have an MP3 player as such). I didn’t have any problem with the bt pairing. But I was disappointed with the very limited range of the BAN connection with the HAs. As documented elsewhere in this forum, if the streamer was not laterally centered at the base of the neck (neckloop position), one or the other HAs would cut out. Turning one’s head would also cause this respose once in a while. I was also disappointed that I couldn’t set the volume any higher. But that could have been a limitation of the phone rather than the streamer …

So I’m really in the market for something better. I guess my first question should address the BAN. Can I expect any better performance than what I have experienced? Or is that range as good as it gets with BAN? If there are more robust transmitters available, then my next question would be about the difficulty involved in pairing it with the HAs.

I would take the streamer back. I have two and never have issues with turning my head. I use it for the phone all the time as it works great. My guess would be the cord is bad. I had one get caught and got tugged pretty hard. After that, I had issues getting the streamer to talk with the aids. Once I replaced the cord, it was fine again. I also use them with the connectline and it works great. I can hear the tv again without having the volume up. I have also connected it to my computer for music and to mp3 players. Only limitation I have run into is bluetooth. Once I get more the 30 yards from the phone, it starts to cut out.

I’ve done a little reseach and found that the current chip technology for BANs gives them a range of 3m and their ultra low power characteristics allow them to scavenge enough energy so that they do not require batteries. So obviously, my experience with the Oticon streamer is not “as good as it gets”.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a better streamer that will work with Agils? There must be something more advanced on the market give the level of available technology.

What kind of problems are you having with your Streamer?

As posted previously.

Sorry, I thought you were having other problems than just the phone issue. As others posted the problem is probably a broken loop another problem is the phone and the Streamer have to be no further than 30 feet apart, I leave my phone on my belt and use the Streamer to answer calls and only remove the phone from my belt to place a call, so it’s never more than a couple feet from the Streamer. I had a bad loop and made a temporary repair with some fine copper wire wrapped around both sudes of the breakaway connection and then wrapped it with black electrical tape and my problem went away until I got a new loop.