Unitron's TrueFit Software, Basic behaviour

Hello to all

I have a very basic question about Unitron’s TrueFit software during a fitting session.
Supposed my HA are connected via iCube with TrueFit, the initial fit done a couple of days ago, and saved …
Now i would like to fine tune and try out the various feature of my HA … e.g. configure manuel programs, changing gain … etc. …

My questions
1.) will the changes done with TrueFit be sent instantly (but not yet saved to) to the HA, so i can try out and “hear/feel” my modifications ??

2.) can i go back to the inital settings by opening and closing the HA and forcing that way a new startup ??
(that would confirm that the changes done are not stored in the HA’s memory)

Many thanks for your help.

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You basic assertion in 1 is correct, you can hear the changes before they are saved to the aids.

Unless you’ve been through a ‘save’ in software cutting the power will only cause you to disconnect from Truefit/the ICube and re-start the aids. There’s a potential for ‘bricking’ the product if you use this approach, especially if the software is mid-way through a command to the aids.

If you are going to use Truefit as a standalone entity, after you’ve launched it, put a name in the database and save this setting as your original profile (might be worth saving a couple of these just in case). Do a read and save the original settings. Next, add another name for your second profile, connect the aids in this profile and then twiddle with the settings as needed.

If you get hopelessly lost just load the original profile back on the aids - when it loads the original profile patient and it does the read, make sure that you select the settings from Truefit rather than the hearing aid as you’ll overwrite the original.


Thank you very much for the clear explanation of the facts to be considered.
So it is of great importance that one is not cutting the power when the HA‘s are still in one or another way connected to the software TrueFit.

Q: If i shut down the connection with closing TrueFit without saving the session … and later on when going to bed, … is it then safe to open the HA‘ s battery door and thus having the other day a HA with the original/old setting?

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You still want to complete the session and save the program. If you leave the I-cube on and connected for a long period of time, the more likely it is to throw an error and/or shut down without completing the programming cycle.

Again this could result in ‘bricking’ the aids, it will certainly pull a load of battery power to keep them connected.

… sorry, but thinking about the technical side i do not understand your concern … considered TrueFit is nicely coded, then when closed/quit by the user, the software should nicely closing all his connection in a safe and orderly manner …

I am kind of mulishly because i would prevent me from numerous and countless new programming/writing of the HA‘s … also obviously potentially dangerous

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Unitron don’t care whether you program the aids every day. You can change the programming as many times as you like.

If you don’t complete the write and save the changes, all you’re doing is leaving an open connection to the aids which will exponentially increase the risk of a write failure over time as you have an open channel to the EEPROM.

At some point the battery is going to drop below a usable voltage (due to the comms drain) and you will either get a bricked aid or an incomplete write when the aid re-boots.

Good evening

Many thanks once more for your effort.
I will do it the way you are recommending.

(I was falsly thinking TrueFit/iCube would write/read to RAM during active sessions and only at the end when choosing to save to HA writing to EEPROM … as in a normal uP project …)

But anyhow, i found the menu : [Export Client] … and so have stored my initial settings on a USB Stick.
This way i am safe when someday accidentaly overwriting the original.

Best regards