Unitron Yuu Moxi

Has anyone out there tried this HA yet? Anyone know what a good price for this is? I am trying it now through my insurance co. Hear PO but having a problem with audi who doesn’t do REM and as a result not getting the right adjustments on volume and looking to switch. I might have to go outside the insurance to a private audi and was wondering how much more I would have to pay. Through Hear PO the cost is 2400 per aid. Any info would be greatly appreciated as I am going on week four of my trial period and need to make a decision soon.


I was asking my audi about those aids last week. I forget the exact quote, but the Moxie Indigo (next down in price for Unitron aids) was over $3000 per ear at Listen Up Canada, so that should give a bit of context.

I fit a patient with these recently, and he was very happy with them. He loves the remote control. I would guess you are probably looking at about $500 or $600 more per aid outside of Hear PO, but that’s just an estimate.

Thanks for answering. Can I ask did you fit with REM? What I have been reading here says thats the way to go but my audi doesn’t do it says he relys on what I tell him. I don’t quite know how to explain how lou:) d I need it to be. Any input would be appreciated