Unitron vs Phonak bte power aids


Costco Phonak Brio 3 (Product Information) feature list (at the bottom) says both Speech in Noise and Speech in Wind. Though, I would prefer to see that on an official document.


I will look at the Brio 3 B series and make an appt with Costco.


In the Costco listing it shows that Brio 3 B 675 has a gain of 80 dB. Phonak Brio 3 datasheet says otherwise. It’s 82 dB.


Maybe provide a reference/link about what you are looking at??


Specs for Brio 3 B-675 power aid


The Naida Vs and Bs are very similar, yes. The Vs don’t have the contrast fitting and they don’t have directionality when using a roger device (which is nice, frankly, if one is a roger user). Off hand I can’t think of anything else important.


The eBay listing are the old Core series of HAs, not Venture.



I have actually a couple of new Naìda B90 and I feel good with them since I have profound hearing loss. Anyway I believe Unitron and Naìda have different firmware inside despite their similar hardware, plus depends also from your own psychoacoustic because you and me , as like as any other profound-hearing-loss people, have different behavior of listening because all our brains are different between all of us… just my 2 cents



You’re right! The Nadia V SP is an outdated product with a 10-year history, not a Venture platform product, and their buttons are completely different.


Correct. I thought the Naida Vs that he posted are pretty old and are not the V platform. I have all the datasheets of many new aids available for the profound hearing loss. Surprisingly none of all the audiologist and HIS said anything about the Brio 3 B-675. They all say Naida V and B. I will make an appointment with Costco.


Oh okay, my bad. The standard models

  • Phonak Audeo V, Phonak Audeo B
  • Costco Brio 2, Costco Brio3

vs the connectivity models

  • Phonak Audeo B Direct
  • Unitron Moxi ALL
  • Phonak Brio 3 R-C

are difficult to distinguish on their own without throwing in the profound hearing loss models


I saw your screen capture. But I can’t find the source of this (80 dB / 82DB) difference that you mentioned. This Costco Phonak Brio 3 (Product Information) shows a gain of 80 dB.

I can’t find the source of the screen-clip that you posted showing a gain of 82 dB?


Datasheet_Phonak_Brio_3_B-675.pdf (3.5 MB)
I got it from the phonakpro.com website. In the search dialog box, enter Brio 3


Mm, yeah. Way back Phonak had the Audeo and Naida III, IV, V where the V was five, not venture.


Correct. Phonak should have used a different letter or add-on to avoid confusion.


Terost, you should have used a different letter within your first post, too. Why the henk did you substitute all the "I"s (capital “i”) by lower "L"s? I didn’t understand any single word from the screenreader. That is not funny!

The only software-difference between Naida V(enture) and Naida B is the ability to use “Advanced Phonak Digital-Contrast” (APDC). Naida V “only” supports APD (without C), Naida B both variants.
Comparing the hardware: During my 3-month tests with Naida V90 SP a single 13-battery lastet for about 10 days. My Naida B70 SP lasts for 16-17 days with the same 13-batteries (power-one/varta).


If you look at my audiogram, you would see the reason why l prefer the larger 675 batteries. I require more HA power due to my hearing loss. All of the audiologists agree that new aids that uses 13 battery will cause more frequent battery replacements. I am not the only one who uses the character I instead of i. Most of us do not use speechreaders.


Terost, you didn’t use “I” in your first post. You have used the lower “L” which is wrong all the way. My comment on battery-size was ment for pvc. I just tried to explain the difference between V-chip and B-chip.
And yes, I wonder why you don’t switch to CI. But that’s your choice.


I = Capital I
l = lower L
It’s the way it showed up on my smartphone. All of my posts are done using my phone.


Thanks, I did not know about “Advanced Phonak Digital-Contrast”. Obviously a software change. Also there are a couple more software tweaks for Nadia B, SoundRecover2 being one of them.