Unitron vs Phonak bte power aids


You mean Speech in wind?
Specs Nadia V;

Specs Nadia B;


All’s I’m saying is that the old Phonak Nadia V and the New Phonak Nadia B are the same hearing aid.


I can go to Costco but l will not be able to adjust the Brio 3 B aids because they use customized locked Target software. I am looking for cheaper aid that has the Speech in Wind program or the windblock. I will need to test one with windblock and another with Speech in Wind. I know that Naida V and B are the same.


Brio’s aren’t locked. Search for Hearing Aid Lists Costco.

Both the Nadia V and the Nadia B have Windblock and Speech in Wind (though just the higher models). Just look at the specs in the links above.


Only the V 90 and B 90 Naidas have the Speech in Wind. I will look at the differences of the Brio 3 B vs Naida V series. I noticed that Brio 3 is 2014 model.


Costco Phonak Brio 3 (Product Information) feature list (at the bottom) says both Speech in Noise and Speech in Wind. Though, I would prefer to see that on an official document.


I will look at the Brio 3 B series and make an appt with Costco.


In the Costco listing it shows that Brio 3 B 675 has a gain of 80 dB. Phonak Brio 3 datasheet says otherwise. It’s 82 dB.


Maybe provide a reference/link about what you are looking at??


Specs for Brio 3 B-675 power aid


The Naida Vs and Bs are very similar, yes. The Vs don’t have the contrast fitting and they don’t have directionality when using a roger device (which is nice, frankly, if one is a roger user). Off hand I can’t think of anything else important.


The eBay listing are the old Core series of HAs, not Venture.



I have actually a couple of new Naìda B90 and I feel good with them since I have profound hearing loss. Anyway I believe Unitron and Naìda have different firmware inside despite their similar hardware, plus depends also from your own psychoacoustic because you and me , as like as any other profound-hearing-loss people, have different behavior of listening because all our brains are different between all of us… just my 2 cents



You’re right! The Nadia V SP is an outdated product with a 10-year history, not a Venture platform product, and their buttons are completely different.


Correct. I thought the Naida Vs that he posted are pretty old and are not the V platform. I have all the datasheets of many new aids available for the profound hearing loss. Surprisingly none of all the audiologist and HIS said anything about the Brio 3 B-675. They all say Naida V and B. I will make an appointment with Costco.


Oh okay, my bad. The standard models

  • Phonak Audeo V, Phonak Audeo B
  • Costco Brio 2, Costco Brio3

vs the connectivity models

  • Phonak Audeo B Direct
  • Unitron Moxi ALL
  • Phonak Brio 3 R-C

are difficult to distinguish on their own without throwing in the profound hearing loss models


I saw your screen capture. But I can’t find the source of this (80 dB / 82DB) difference that you mentioned. This Costco Phonak Brio 3 (Product Information) shows a gain of 80 dB.

I can’t find the source of the screen-clip that you posted showing a gain of 82 dB?


Datasheet_Phonak_Brio_3_B-675.pdf (3.5 MB)
I got it from the phonakpro.com website. In the search dialog box, enter Brio 3


Mm, yeah. Way back Phonak had the Audeo and Naida III, IV, V where the V was five, not venture.


Correct. Phonak should have used a different letter or add-on to avoid confusion.