Unitron tandem 16

Can anyone tell me if the unitron tandem 16 works well i am deaf in my right ear and mild to moderate in my left

The Tandem 16 is made by the same company as the BICROS, Phonak. The BICROS works very well for me. My right ear is deaf, so I alway had trouble hearing my wife when i was driving. It also adds some perception of direction even though the sound comes from the same HA. The addition of more mikes in the BICROS helps my over all hearing. I would expect the Tandem to do the same.

Hi carnutfl

Many thanks for your reply i have since purchased them and they work well when someone is on my right side i can hear them better but when i go in to a supermarket i have to switch to just one hearing aid because of the noise but suppose it the same with all aids
needs some fine tuning but have been told this is normal and can take up to 6 month to get used to them

The Target software allows you to balance the sound coming from the aids betwen the Bicros and the other aid. The balance can increased or decreased between the aids by 1 to 6db. You also may want to try the PilotOne or My pilot remote the allows you to change the volume and programs easily. If you haven’t already, have the 5th program in your aids set to mute. It is easier than turning off you aids.
Be sure to see your audi often enough to get adjustments. The key to satisfaction with the aids is proper adjustments for your hearing.