Unitron Quantum 2 20 HP

What do you think about Unitron Quantum 2 20 HP? I’m new to hearing aids. I have trialed Kirkland Signature 5 for 2 months, they didn’t work out (not much improvement in hearing and annoying noise). My hearing loss is of “cookie bite” type, it is one of the most difficult to fit. It seems like Unitron Quantum 2 20 HP works for me (I’m wearing a no obligation 2 week trial pair). There are minor issues (feedback when wearing a hat that covers ears - I’m in Canada, occasional feedback in other situations, occasional clicking noise in one ear), but nothing that would irritate me.

Since I’m new to this, I don’t really know what to expect. I’m going to try Unitron Quantum 2 16 HP before making a commitment (they are a bit cheaper), but I don’t think anything with less than 16 channels will work for me because of my “cookie bite” hearing loss type. Any advice or thoughts?

If you’re only two weeks into your trial and you’re happy, then your loss isn’t difficult to fit. Someone who’s difficult would require many follow-up visits and adjustments. Your hearing loss isn’t severe enough to require the HP (high power) version, and a standard hearing test only covers 10 frequencies at the most, so 16 channels is more than you need.

Rasmus_braun, what is the difference between HP and standard versions? I think my trial is HP because that is what they had for a trial. The audi said something about that the real one can be smaller (I assume she meant the Standard version). Is there any reason to prefer Standard over HP? My understanding is that they cost the same.

Among other things, the Standard version has a smaller case and uses less battery power. You can see the two here:


Thank you. Do you recommend the Standard version if I don’t care much about the size and a five year supply of batteries are included in the price, so it doesn’t matter for me how many I use?

I would suggest one of the Moxi2 (with Standard receiver) instead. You may find the sound quality is better with a RIC vs. BTE.


That’s what would be trialled if the OP came here. There’s a pro version coming out in the middle of April too.