Unitron Passport

I have been trying out Unitron Passport Moxi 13 aids for 4 days. While they help with conversation one on one, I still cannot understand t.v. and it is very tinny. I have tinnyness with conversation as well, and with listening to music on the radio. For $6000, shouldn’t I be able to understand tv without all the tinniness. Has anyone tried these? REsults?

I have an appointment at Costco on Monday night to try to see what they can offer me. THe Unitron’s go back on Tuesday morning. Not s ure I am going tog buy them.

(ears itch sometimes as well)

The tinnyness simply mean the audi has given you too much high or mid frequency. A simple adjustment should fix the issue. You can get this with any aid that is too loud in the mid to HF"s.

Thank you. I will have to ask about that on Tuesday when I see her. But I have an appointment at Costco the monday evening before, and will see if what they have is comparable or close to the $6000 ones I am trying for less.

get bernafon verite WITH sound gate and connect line tv solution

I went to Costco tonight and bought the Rexton Cobalt 16 with Bluetooth for $3000. Will be taking back the $6000 Passports tomorrow. Costco has a 90 day trial period, with no restocking fee if you return them. After much discussion, it seems like the Cobalts are pretty equal to the Passports. I could not tell much difference.

So now this morning, I go back to the first audiologist, and told her I couldn’t afford them at this time, and she tells me that the State has a program, and it’s not based on income, that will assist with the purchase. She gives me the forms for that. Now, why didn’t she tell me that in the first place? I think I will go through the process and see how much they will help with the cost. It really kind of pisses me off that she didn’t tell me that in the first place.

She said though that we couldn’t ask them to help with the passport, but that we would have to go to the Unitron Yuu. Now I need to see how those compare with Costco’s Cobalt 16. Ugh…this is so frustrating.

I just got a pair of Unitron Passport Shift’s to try. They have a reverb sound. I don’t believe that it is occlusion since they are open fit. I have used CIC’s for the last ten years and it is nothing like that. It seems worse with my own voice, particularly if I have raised my voice to speak to someone acroos the yard. Is this the kind of effect you were getting?

I am having the exact same problems as Silver1 with my Unitron Moxis. Anyone find any solution for reverb?

It’s the feedback manager getting unstable towards the limit of it’s range. Go back to the audiologist and either run a REM with you making loud vowel sounds to plot the effect of your dynamic canal shape/the vowel noise/the feedback manager together or if you don’t have access to this, re-rum the fbm with an open jaw position/making an ‘eeeeeee’ sound. Have a look how the curve plots and look for high frequncy notches - record where these are and re-run the test as normal to put the values back to where they should be. Then in the fine adjust screen - pull down the gain a little in stages at the frequencies you recorded above.

Try shouting again using different words and pitch - if you still get an issue apply more reduction in the highlighted areas. Especially the g80 or high level input.

Your fitting will always be a compromise between openness and gain control - it sounds like you are a tweak or two away from where you want to be.

Just on this issue, the moxi passport should have been fitted with the remote so you can access the comfort/clarity and learning functions; personally, I’d suggest it was a real error to fit a $6000 set of aids without access to most of the features.

personally, I’d suggest it was a real error to fit a $6000 set of aids without access to most of the features.

Beg to differ.

I now disable SmartFocus and LearnNow.

The results I’ve had with clients using these features have been - err - less than startling.

I would rather have a ‘clean’ set of controls on an already busy remote control, without muddying the waters with controls which have no obvious effect.

I’d agree with not making the controls available for some cases, but the poster above has explicit issues with HF comfort: ideally placed for this type of control.