Unitron Passport Fuse - 2 weeks Later

Now that I’ve worn the Unitron Fuse open CIC for a couple of weeks I wanted to post some thoughts for those of you considering them.

Some background on me: I’ve been wearing aids for 20 years, most of the time custom CIC’s and then open ear BTE’s for the last 5 -6 yrs. I try most of the new aids that come out as part of my job as both a internet and brick & mortar store provider.

The two major concerns with the Fuse are physical fit and feedback.

If you can find a comfortable dome size that keep the aids secure in your ears you’re off to a great start. With my hearing loss I first tried the closed dome but found it uncomfortable and occluding. I then went to the open 7 mm dome and all comfort issues went away and the aids seem to stay in fine. The aids come with a selection of dome sizes and they are very easy to change.

Acoustic feedback is the next hurdle. I believe the amount of hearing loss I have is right at or slightly beyond the limit that these aids will fit. The feedback manager is very good but will only do so much. The Smart remote was included in my package and I needed it to turn down the aids to stay slightly below where feedback started occurring.

The above are really the only concerns I’ve had with the Fuse. Sound quality is as good as is available on the market today. I believe my hearing even with the aids turned down slightly was as good or better than any other hearing aids I’ve tried in the past couple of years. Although I needed to turn down the volume or hit the phone button on the remote hearing on the phone is the best it has been since I quite wearing custom CICs.

Fuse are really small and fit almost invisible in the canal and once I found the correct size dome for my canals my ears felt as open as they have with any of the open fit mini BTEs I’ve tried.

Overall I would not hesitate to recommend the Fuse in Passport or Latitude technologies for anyone with hearing loss that is almost as severe as mine. If your loss is about equal to mine then you should make sure you can return the aids with no restocking fee but by all means give them a try.

The FUSE design is great … but they have pushed the boundaries to get the whole package to work as an integrated whole.

It must have been great fun to be on the design team!

Anyway, the fitting chart really DOES mean 60dB.HL maximum loss at most frequencies. NOT 61 or 65 or 70.

(Note - the fitting software I think shows a fitting range of 65dB whilst the product specs show 60dB. I strongly suggest you believe the 60dB value!)

Unlike most fitting charts, there is NOT a lot of room for creative fitting beyond 60dB!

It’s also quite hard technical work for the dispenser to optimise the fit. For us, pressing the AUTOFIT button simply won’t work out well with the FUSE. But hey, what are we paid for?

That said, if you DO fit inside the 60dB level, the aid works well … and is tiny, no wires and invisible with a decent remote control.

Quite an achievement!

PS Although I have only a very minor loss, I have worn a pair of FUSEs for a few days … music & TV were significantly enhanced!