Unitron Next Moxi 8 vs. 16 bands

Will you please help me determine if the 16s are a worthy expense for me (vs. the 8s) - the difference is several hundred dollars.

I have mild to moderate, high frequency range hearing loss, and reactive tinnitus. I like to be hear music accurately. An audiologist told me 8 bands was enough because they only measure 5 or 6 frequencies - do you agree?

I would like to save the additional money if possible.

Thanks for your help.

I have tried both the Unitron next 8 and the next 16
I have chosen the Next 16 as it has 3 automatic programs and also has a clarity - comfort control.
Particularly with the 3 auto programs, I find that they will take care of all my listening environments without having to make any adjustments.
I have found the CC control very helpful in noisy conditions and also with people who poorly pronounce their words.
Of course price is always a consideration, but if you can afford it go for the next 16, may I ask how much you were quoted.??
The sound quality is outstanding if you like to listen to music, I suggest you get your audi to set you up with an additional fixed music program as the auto programs find music confusing and will keep switching as they are set up for speech recognition.

Good Luck

Thanks for the info. I was quoted $2100 ea. for the Next 16, and $1800 ea for the Next 8.

I have also been quoted $2100 for the Moxi Element 16 and been told that it more closely correlates with the Next 8 than the Next 16.