Unitron MoxiFit Pro



I am looking for a substitute for my Siemens Pure 701. When I bought almost 5 years ago, I thought I could enjoy music, but this never happened.

I was desesperate reading this forum because the Siemens never worked OK. I thought that the digital HAs were not a good solution. I thought I never enjoy music again :disappointed_relieved:
Today my Audi speaking with me and seeing that I was very sad, he suggested me to lend me for testing this HA:

Unitron MoxiFit Pro

Incredible. I have no experience using other HAs than the Siemens Pure 701…but this is a new world…

What do you think? I read much here about Oticon, GNResound, etc…

Yes, this HAs are not MFI, but the sound is incredible…

What happened. The HAs technology has changed very much in five years ¿Am I right?

I am very very excited. I have been hearing music for 5 hours…I like the music again!!!




@Um_bongo had some nice thing to say about his fitting them to his customers. What works for some others don’t care for. It is your brain that decides and it looks like it found a winner for you. Way to go!

I believe they are also the only upgrade-able aid. You can pay or trial the higher cost ones by having them upgraded by the fitter.



Well. In Spain the HAs are very very expensive, but all the brands include life fitting.





It’s a great platform. We used to fit a lot of the 800 models a year ago. No feedback issues, fantastic sound quality, but no built in bluetooth.



Thank you very much audiometrix_hearing.

You are right. But the question is if it’s worthwhile…I am
surprised by the sound quality. The speech quality is superb. And they are very “transparent” to me.

Because my work is, teaching Computer Science in a Spanish University…, I was looking a “techie” HAs. My Audi offered to me this model to test.

He almost not configured the HAs. And I have been testing for a day, and I only had to put the sound a little louder when teaching…to hear some student questions.

In your opinion, what is the brand more similar (in sound profile) to Unitron with MFI HAs? Perhaps Phonak?. Both of them are from Sonova Group.

My original choosing (reading from people as you, Volusiano and others…) was Oticon OPN 1.

My Audi tells me that the more techie brands as GN Resound, or Starkey, with impressive characteristics, however they not have the best sound.

I also suppose that due to they are not MFi, the Unitron will be cheaper. :slight_smile:





Changed al the occurrences Maxi --> Moxi



Yes, Phonak will be the closest in sound quality. Unitron is almost always less expensive. I’m sure they will be releasing their MFi aid soon enough.



I think you are right. My main doubt if if at this time is worth to buy an MFI HAs. Perhaps in some years…

I am very very happy with the Moxi Pro than I am testing (today my the second day). I have been testing them in several ambients, as teaching, watching tv, listening music, driving, in a restaurant, etc…it seems the new Tempus platform works very well

It seems the phonak MFi HAs are having some problems with the stereo sound. Some of them have been commented in this forum.




By the way, audiometrix, in your opinion, is Phonak better in sound quality than Oticon? The famous OPN 1

Thank you very much.




It’s not a problem, it was designed that way. Android phones take the call in mono. It’s not a great solution but the other manufacters don’t even have a solution, besides wearing another device, which negates the whole advantage of MFi.



Phonak defiantly has better antifeedback. That has always been Oticons Achilles heel. However, I personally think Oticon has better overall sound quality.



Thank you very much. I am very interested in the speech quality.

About the antifeedback the Unitron are very good. For me, it is the best difference with my Siemens pure 701p



Glad you’ve liked them! You asked about which brands have a similar sound quality. Phonak would certainly be on par. Phonak and Unitron share much of the same technologies. Unitron’s feedback cancellation system is great–Phonak’s Whistleblock is actually borrowed from Unitron. Also, keep in mind that you can indeed use the Unitrons to connect to smartphones and other Bluetooth devices. You just have to use the uStream or the uDirect.



Hi tnaud92:

After 3 days I am impressed. The feedback suppression is impressive. There are no whistles. My audi likes Phonak. They suggested me, Phonak or Unitron (Sonova group). My doubt if I must test the Oticon OPN 1 or not. He tells me that Sonova sound is more natural

What do you think tnaud92?

About the Bluetooth, In fact I am using udirect3 with the app ucontrol v2 in my iPhone 5s with IOS 10. They are not MFi, but I don’t mind. And I don’t know if MFi is mature yet.

Also, I want to upgrade my iPhone 5s to an iPhone 8 with iOS 11.

Anyway, I think I can’t come back to my ancient Siemens 701p.

Thank you very much




Regarding the “naturalness” of the sound, that is purely subjective. It depends in part on the configuration of your hearing loss, the fit of the hearing aid, hearing aid programming, etc. My suggestion would be to try a few different devices. Wear them for several weeks each and then make your choice.



Yeah, I don’t know what to make of claims of “naturalness” and “sound quality.” We have messed up ears, but what we hear (without hearing aids) sounds normal to us, until we start wearing aids for awhile. Then that sound becomes the new “normal” or “natural.”



Does that comment just apply to the Phonak B Direct or to all Phonak Bs?



Thank you very much tnaud92, MDB and Neville

By the way Neville, I don’t understand your comment about moving to Phonak



Thanks. Although I have very limited experience, I’ve also come to the conclusion that understanding speech in loud noise is very tough. Shy of a remote microphone, it seems like most approaches give only incremental improvements. I imagine it depends a lot on the individual’s loss, needed SNR, and likely personality.



Thank you very much for your help