Unitron Moxi2

I recently got a set of the Unitron Moxi2 20 hearing aids. These things are quite remarkable!

My audi set them up with four programs: 1. automatic; 2. hearing in noise; 3. hearing in lots of noise; 4. telecoil.

I went to a hockey game and set the hearing aids for hearing in lots of noise and had a great evening. I was able to carry on conversations with my wife and son without any problems in spite of all the noise.

Church on Sunday was good and the hearing aids performed very well.

The bluetooth connection to my phone works GREAT! Receiving calls is easy, but I haven’t really given it a good workout with making calls yet.

The bluetooth connection to the uTV2 connected to my TV is WONDERFUL!!! It is like having surround sound! I like it best when the volume on the TV is turned way down, but that makes it sort of hard for my wife to hear the program. Now I give her the remote to control “her” sound level and I can set my own sound level on my uDirect2.

I paired the uDirect2 with my computer at work and can now enjoy my own music without bothering anyone else. I can even set the sound level so that I can enjoy my music and still hear what is happening around me and carry on conversations with those around me.

I really like these!