Unitron Moxi All v Resound LinX 3D 9


Hi All,

I am in the moderate to severe hearing range and I am buying some new hearing aids. My audiologist brought me some Moxi All RIC to try, I am previously wearing NHS Danalogics (Resounds) and used to hearing aids.

I have the option also of the Resounds Rechargeable LinX 3d 9 and I am just wondering if anyone has any thoughts about the the Moxi v Resounds.

On trying the Moxi I was blown away when listening to music. However, sound close up I could not hear. I nearly got run over by I car because I could not hear it. I am sure these can be sorted with some additional programming but the music quality for me was that goldilocks setting.

I was disappointed that I could not stream in stereo from my iPhone, which is a bit of a deal breaker and also on the app there is little control.

On looking at the LinX3d, I am so hoping that I can get the goldilocks music experience! Also looking forward to streaming to my hearing aids and having the degree of control on the app makes this hearing aid really exciting.

Just wanted to know others experience of these two.

Thanks in Advance


I am trying Linx 3D BTEs and Enzo 3D BTEs

1-Control - the Resound app allows far more control to the user than any other aid.

2- Streaming - good sound on both listed above

3 - as normal hearing aid - very good, but not quite as good as Oticon OPN 1 units

4 - Resound Devices for streaming
A: iPhone Direct
B : Phone Clip for streaming from android phone or from a Bluetooth source
C: multi-mic for clipping onto the shirt of a fellow conversationalist and hearing that person very well…also for loop use if the aids don’t have telecoils already…also for any 3.5mm stereo or mono source.
D: TV Streamer 2 - for connection to TVs or AV systems.
E: Micro-mic - for pinning on someone else for conversation.

Yes…stereo where applicable

Hope this was helpful.


Don’t know about the Moxi’s but I’ve had my Resound Linx 3D 9 RIEs for almost a year now and I’m happy. I heavily use the iPhone streamer (the TV streamer not so much) for everything from audiobooks to music to phone calls. I managed to score an Airlink2 off ebay so I spent a little time tweaking the settings but that’s mostly because I’m trying to optimize how the thing works while I’M playing the piano which the default music setting is kind of lousy for.

The one amusing feature is that we were driving through a new town and I’m making turn after turn because the iPhone is streaming the GoogleMaps lady into my ears. My wife says “How do you know where you’re going?” I point to my ears and say “I hear voices.”


I tried the Phonak Audeo B Direct. It might be the same as Unitron Moxi All under a different name, since Phonak and Unitron are sibling companies. Now, my audiologist mentioned to her Unitron rep that one of her patients (me) wasn’t happy with the Audeo B Direct, and the rep said Unitron developed the Moxi All independently, using the same technology platform. Some people here are doubtful about that. You can decide what to think, or research further.

Anyway, I wasn’t happy with the Audeo B Direct as a hearing aid (my first hearing aids), or as a Bluetooth phone headset. As a hearing aid, it was great at emphasizing voices all around me, but not the people talking right in front of me. As a Bluetooth phone headset, it doesn’t have a dedicated microphone to pick up your voice, rather it uses the two ambient microphones on the side that’s configured for phone. Their noise-cancelling strategy breaks down in noisy places, and the person at the other end of the call can’t hear you very well or at all.

I’ve been wearing ReSound LiNX 3D 961 (receiver in canal, 312 battery) for a month and am pretty happy with them. I use it with Android. The app has great features. I have to force-stop it too often, and I think they could improve that, but I don’t know if anyone else’s app is better. The Phonak app didn’t have to be force-stopped much, but it gives you hardly any control.


That pretty common across brands from a common parent. They share hardware and develop different software.


For what it’s worth, the Android app for Moxi All is almost the same as the one for Phonak Direct.


I have the Unitron (not Unicorn :slight_smile: ) MoxiFIt Pro. I think they are similar, but the MoxiAll is rechargeable. I am very happy with them. They have Phonak hardware, but different (own) software. I am very satisfied with the SoundNav. This is an automatic program that detects the ambient you are hearing. If I remember correctly, they have 7 different ambients. The pro version even has a music ambient. It works very very well.



The Phonak Audeo B Direct uses a different chip from the non-direct Phonak Audeo B line. I assume the same is true for Unitron Moxi All vs the other Unitron Moxi aids.


As far as I know, the newest Unitron HA’s use all the new Tempus/Chip platform.



The Phonak Audeo B Direct uses the SWORD™ (Sonova Wireless One Radio Digital) chip, which isn’t used in the rest of the Audeo B line. All Audeo B aids are considered part of the Phonak Belong platform, but the Direct uses different technology. I don’t know why the same wouldn’t be true for Unitron, unless they built the whole Tempus platform using the SWORD chip. But I certainly could be wrong.

Note that the Audeo B Direct 90 lacks some programs that are in the non-direct 90 aids, specifically Speech in Loud Noise, Speech in Wind, and Speech in 360°. I can’t find the list of programs for Unitron Tempus aids.


Well. I am not sure, but I think all those programs are collected in the SoundNav program. As far as I know the HAs reconfigures all to do the more adequate configuration. Even if you want, you could choose the program without soundnav. But this has to be done for the audi.

I.e. I have SoundNav always (it has 7 different ambients) but I could change to a manual music program (my Audi did this for me to test it) . I can tell you the dynamic adaptation is very good.

More info here:




As far as I understand x475aws is correct. While it’s nice to hear of your Moxifit Pro positive experiences…it’s a different animal from the topic title. The Moxi All is a distinct model like the Phonak B-Direct is from the other B series…seeing as how they’re from the same umbrella company.
But I could be wrong :slight_smile:


The same would be true! AFAIK> Once they build a platform they can stamp it out over-and-over as slightly/cosmetically different versions for the name-brand, sub-brand, and even re-branded versions. But it’s all exactly the same hardware inside.

The platform with the SWORD chips stands alone as the one Phonak Audeo B Direct model so it makes sense that the Unitron Moxi All is the one and only Unitron model derived from that (SWORD) chip.

btw> @mthomas_uk please edit the Title to say Unitron (not unicorn).



Finally, I found the info…

The moxiAll also uses the SWORD chip, with the Tempus platform.





Right. And the Phonak branded Direct one “uses the SWORD chip, with the” Belong platform.