Unitron Moxi 20: Tweaking - Feedback, Vibrato Effect and Clarity

Wondering if anyone here who has experience with the Moxi 20s can comment on methods to deal with:

  1. Feedback generated by sudden sounds (ex., clacking sounds like putting a marker down on a desk, hitting the turn signal in the car, some sharp words with the sssss sound).

  2. Cancelling the vibrato/warbly effect on long tones. Ex., if I whistle or listen to someone sing a long note on a CD, I hear the sound as a series of broken up tones rather than constant. It’s basically the effect you’d get if you sang into a fan.

  3. Clarity - I find that I often still miss words. Word discrimination is off, even if the speaker is sitting beside me but their head is turned away to address the other end of the table. Sentences are muddied together rather than each word being its own contained entity.

My Audiologist is excellent and she put me into closed domes, which have helped both problems some. Wondering if there is anything on the software side that could assist. I have stock/default settings and haven’t made any changes in the software.

Anyone that can weigh on this from a programming angle?

Although I am not familiar with the Unitron Moxi hearing aids, I might be able to help with your second concern about a “vibrato/warbly” effect on long tones.

In some hearing aids, the “feedback manager” tends to treat sustained musical tones as feedback, resulting in a sense of “out-of-tuneness,” vibrato, or entrainment.

My aids have a music program in which the feedback manager is automatically disabled. Since I am a musician, I’ve actually had the feedback manager disabled on all four of my aids’ programs. There are trade-offs, of course, and some folks might experience too much feedback if the feedback manager were disabled on their aids.

All of those things are ‘fixable’ using either a programming measure or a physical measure.
Feedback should have stopped with the closed domes. The warble is a little more of a hearing aid issue. The feedback management system can at times be tricked into being engaged by certain sounds. Again, minimizing the leakage from the ear canal, will lessen the effect of that.
As for the clarity, chances are that you don’t have enough clarity overall in the hearing aid settings. I would add in all of your AutoPro settings more midranges and highs for average sound levels to compensate.