Unitron MAX 20

unitron MAX 20 is what was recommended. What does anyone know about this brand and model hearing aid? 2-18-2014
$5500.00:eek: After dealing with hearing loss and hearing aids for 25 years I have a good idea what the invoice price of these are.:mad:
250 500 1000 1500 2000 3000 4000 6000 8000

R 40 50 60 80 80 110 110 110 110

L 40 50 60 80 80 110 110 110 110

NOT GOOD This isn’t exact but not to far off. :frowning:

Good option for your hearing loss. If the price is too high shop around and ask for a better price.

Unitron max 20’s are great hearing aids, that is exactly what I wanted to get but couldn’t afford them so I settled for the unitron element 16’s and there maxed out as far as gains but you gotta do what ya gotta do I guess. The good thing is that my hearing aid dispenser would buy these back at full face value when I’m ready to purchase the Max 20’s.

Please tell me you didn’t buy these recently. The Element came out 7 years ago and has long been discontinued. It’s a travesty for any dispenser to be selling these as new instruments.

I did purchase them recently less then a half a year ago but I did buy them used with a 1 year warranty for $2000.00 it’s all I could afford. Was I wrong for this? Please help.

As long as they weren’t misrepresented to you as new, that’s fine. But more importantly, the Element is underpowered for your loss. I understand you can’t afford the Max 20 SP, but you should be able to get a pair of Max E SP for around $2400. They would be a much better fit.

Thank you you for the information, however they are def not selling the Max E SP here where I live for $2400.00 for the pair. I go to a hearing place called Hearing Health and they sell unitron hearing aids well actually a dealer. Should I be asking certain questions when going there.