Unitron launches the world’s only rechargeable hearing instrument that connects directly to any mobile phone

Unitron launches the world’s only rechargeable hearing instrument that connects directly to any mobile phone

Moxi ALL is the latest offering designed to give consumers ALL they ever wanted

February 22, 2018 – Kitchener, Canada – Unitron today announced the release of its latest hearing instrument, Moxi™ All. The new hearing solution delivers amazing sound quality and is the only one on the market to connect patients directly to conversations on any mobile phone(1) without wearing a streamer, while also giving them the convenience of rechargeability.

Like all hearing instruments driven by the Tempus™ platform, Moxi All was designed around the company’s core philosophy of putting consumer needs at the forefront. The new hearing solution delivers amazing sound quality and advanced binaural performance features that help consumers hear their best in all of life’s conversations, including those on mobile phones.

After powering up overnight, a rechargeable battery keeps them in the conversation for up to 16 hours, including two hours of mobile phone use and five hours of TV streaming. Plus, consumers never have to worry if they forget to charge because they have the flexibility to swap in traditional batteries at any time.

Unitron is the first and only company to combine universal mobile phone connectivity with rechargeable technology.

A new way to deliver their most personalized solution

Consumers can take home Moxi All hearing instruments to try before they buy with FLEX:TRIAL™, something 99% of hearing healthcare professionals say improves their total experience(2). Consumers can share in-the-moment impressions of their hearing instrument performance on their smartphone to help customize their solution(3). That evidence, along with listening lifestyle information collected by their hearing instruments, gives a complete picture of the consumer’s needs.

Today’s consumers are not interested in one size fits all. They want to know that the hearing instrument they select is personalized to their individual listening needs and preferences,” said Lilika Beck, Vice President Global Marketing for Unitron. “This simple truth is driving our FLEX™ ecosystem—a collection of technologies, services and programs designed to make the experience of buying and using a hearing instrument feel easy and empowering.”

As the latest addition to the FLEX ecosystem, Moxi All is proof of Unitron’s ongoing commitment to putting consumers at the centre of its mission to provide the most personalized experience on the market when it comes to choosing hearing instruments.

The global roll-out of Moxi All begins February 23, 2018.

  1. Smartphones and traditional mobile phones with a compatible Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile
  2. Anovum (2017) Unitron Launch Monitor
  3. The Remote Plus app for Moxi All works on Apple smartphones with iOS 10.2 or newer and Android smartphones with version 6 or newer.

About Unitron

Unitron is a global company that understands the hearing healthcare business is built on strong, personal relationships. We work closely with hearing healthcare professionals to improve the lives of people with hearing loss. We do this with our FLEX™ ecosystem—a collection of technologies, services and programs designed to make the experience of buying and using a hearing instrument feel easy and empowering. A member of the Sonova Group, Unitron has a proven track record of developing hearing innovations that provide natural sound with exceptional speech understanding. Headquartered in Canada, Unitron distributes its full line of hearing instruments to customers in over 60 countries. For more information, please visit us on the web at unitron.com.


Not much documentation yet. I can’t find any technical documents at this point in time. Based on its capabilities it seems to be a version of the Phonak Audéo B-Direct. But Unitron also added the rechargeable feature which is a separate model for Phonak. I wonder what size battery it uses?

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Unitron uses zpower battery system. I saw it here:

I’ve been waiting for this ever since a Unitron sales rep did a demo last fall on how they design hearing aids, and it was hinted for a spring release. My audiologist knows I want to try it out and I’m “on their list” but they haven’t contacted me yet, so I assume it hasn’t flowed out through the sales channels.

I’m currently on five year old rechargeable Siemens Pure Carats. My bluetooth lanyard failed about a year ago (the charging plug, plus sweat damage), and lately they’ve stopped talking to each other, I’m told one of the antennas has likely failed.

I don’t know about pricing (I’m in Canada) but I hope there’s not sticker shock and they are comparable to the last pair I purchased. I’m also keen to find out about water resistance (I didn’t see anything on the web site) as I usually wear the “sock” covers during exercise after the aids started shutting off when damp.

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It may be the world’s only premium priced hearing instrument with rechargeable batteries that connects directly to any mobile phone.

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It’s a size 13. Unitron uses z power, but they actually remake the battery doors, so it’s pretty cute. It doesn’t look like they are sacrificing their binaural speech in noise algorithms the way Phonak did, which is nice. Although streaming is still phone to one ear only. No music streaming, but I hear there are some app solutions that can hack around that. Technical stuff should be the same as the other Tempus HAs. It’s slightly fatter than the Audeo B Direct, but not as big as the Audeo B R.


Well do tell. Got any info on that hack?

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Heh. I don’t unfortunately–just a vague memory. Someone mentioned it to me in passing in regards to the Audeo B Direct. The apps were to do something to the music. Make it mono? But then I wonder if it would only stream to one ear. I’ve heard of people using the TV links on battery packs too, but that seems like a clunky solution.

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I still think phone calls to only one ear is a big negative for speech comprehension. I guess it’s better than a streamer.


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Phone calls or streaming to one ear only would be a deal breaker for me. I’d rather repair my lanyard/rcu. Watching videos with one ear? No thanks. Will see if more information comes out to confirm or deny.

Everything that I’ve found confirms it. These are from the same company that makes Phonak. There’s a Phonak branded version doing the same thing.
I applaud Phonak for their made for anything work. But I’ll be waiting for new bluetooth low energy audio standards that will be similar to what made for iphone is doing now.

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Well my audiologist is finally carrying the Moxi All, so I will check if there is any new information to add here. My appointment isn’t for a few weeks, however. The document here Moxi_All_Overview_ENG.pdf seems to indicate that at the T800 and TPro levels, the MyMusic feature is Binaural. The AirStream connection to a TV Connector is stereo source: SWORD 2.4 GHz chip, although I’m not sure I need the connector. I did use the streamer with my Siemens and it had no audio delay like the bluetooth connections using the lanyard did. The FAQ for Unitron does indicate there might still be a slight audio delay, and to use your TV’s feature (if present) to make any adjustments.

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I’m looking forward to reading your reports.
I almost went with the current (which will soon be previous) Moxi series in the fall of 2017. The AudeoB direct were just out and I was reading the reports here.
I decided that the Bluetooth connectivity without a streamer was just not quite implemented enough to pay the premium. So I went with the Phonak Brio 2’s @ Costco with the full intent of waiting 2 generations or about 36 months for everything to come together. If it takes 3 generations I may have to jump ship early.
Two generations from this release will make it the Spring of 2021 and I’m OK with that.

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The audiologist also confirms that it will do one ear bluetooth calls (Hands Free Profile HFP), no unassisted streaming. With a TV Connect one can stream in stereo from any device with a 3.5mm audio out or optical TOSLink - called an AirStream connection, but needs no additional receiver.

Unitron’s FAQ says, “Audio books and music use a different profile (A2DP) which is not supported at this time.” - so maybe a firmware update in the future may add this if the hardware supports it?

If I really want the streaming, my audiologist is suggesting the Oticon OPN-2. My feeling at this point is I don’t want to go back to a clip device like the ConnectClip. If I really want to stream during active use, I’ll use wireless earphones like the just-announced Jabra Elite Active 65t, which has a higher sweat/water rating, and has a fuller sound than hearing aid streaming.

It’s been said that Unitron came about their product on their own but I would more imagine that they’re simply renaming the mothership Phonak product.
There are many HA’s that can stream from an iphone including the OPN. But if you’re not into Apple products then the Phonak/Unitron for mono calls is it except for intermediate devices.