Unitron Latitude vs Siemens Life

Hi all,

This is an useful forum, so glad I found it. Newbie here, just learned how to read an audiogram. How to select a hearing aid seems beyond me.

Can anyone point me to resources where I can learn what the various features mean and which ones I need the most (i.e. how many “channels of signal processing” should I look for, what is DuoLink etc)?

Also, the audi (newport) gave us 3 choices of Unitron BTE (Basic, Std, Advanced to choose from depending on our budget):
Basic - Unitron Newsound
Standard - Unitron Latitude 4 Moxi 3G
Advanced - Unitron Latitude 16 Moxi 3G.

Didn’t really mention others until I asked about Siemens which was the only brandname I recognized. Maybe because we have HMO (Blue Shield), not sure:
Basic - Siemens Life 101
Standard - Siemens Life 301
Advanced - Siemens Life 501

So, should I choose between these or ask for other options? Between Unitron and Siemens, which is better? I understand this depends on the user environment, fit, frequency of loss etc but just curious in a comfort-by-numbers way.


Freq R L
0250 20 25
0500 25 15
1000 25 15
1500 45 35
2000 55 50
3000 60 60
4000 70 60
6000 75 65
8000 85 75

Latitude platform has just been upgraded, either push for the newer ‘Era’ platform or look for a discount on the older product.

Between these two options I would recommend the Latitude 16. The Latitude 16 has 16 channels which can shape the frequency response quite nicely for your hearing loss. The Latitude 16 also has smartfocus which is very helpful with understanding speech in the presence of competing noise. More detailed info on Unitron can be found on their website (also the same for Siemens, just Google Siemens hearing instruments). I have fit quite a few Latitude 16’s and overall my clients report excellent results. The Latitude line is being replaced with Quantum so you could wait. I should warn you though that the newer replacement will be more expensive and IMO does not offer any major improvements to justify the cost.

I see, so I wasn’t the only one unimpressed by the number of MegaFlOps that the new chip does.

It would seem that the new “Era” chip is more of the same only faster processing which does offer some benefits. I have to admit that the latitude based chip is an incredible performer with great sound quality and awesome feedback management. I think Sonova may have reached a roadblock of sorts in terms of offering the big bang of improvements that the average wearer would notice (with the exception of the Ambra with autozoom and stereo zoom).

It does seem like they are hitting the top of the innovation curve and it’s starting to become a price-justification exercise. Binaural features aside that is. I’m surprised they haven’t gone for more household integration, though the U-tv is quite new and the take-up isn’t that fantastic.

At the end of the day, the still get blocked with wax whether they cost £500 or £5000.

hi im thinking to buy unitron 16 latidude. i want my hearing aid to be so perfect to natural voice. i dont care about new technology about wireless/bluetooth remote control stuffs, the good true way is to hear good and more natural. anyone can help me? please msg me. my msn coolytrd@hotmail.com