Unitron Latitude 16 Moxi 13 Programming Problems

I’ve been trialing the Latitude 16 Moxi 13 with both the SmartControl and the uDirect.

When they work I absolutely love them.
So much so that when they fail I’m practically miserable without them.

The problems seem to reside with the programming or microcode that contols these devices. I’ve had one of both aids lose their programming and return to the factory defaults multiple times.

The second time was on Jan 1, 2010 when I got up that morning and both had reset and/or lost their programming.

I’m headed back to the audiologist tomorrow because the right aid has reset itself.

BTW: Once one of them is having problems, the uDirect becomes worthless. Must have something to do with the aids being linked.

Just wondering if anyone has experienced these issues or knows of a fix or solution.

I’ve never seen this with any model of aid.

I’m not even sure if aids have ‘factory defaults’.

I would suspect that it’s your environment … possibly static from carpets or maybe electronic stuff.

I can’t say I’ve have the issue with the Latitude’s but did have them once with the Unitron Next when they were just released. Visit your audiologist and ask them to check for a hearing aid upgrade under the U:Fit software for your aids. This fixed the issue in the Next.

Well it must have been something with one or both of the original aids.

I received a complete new set of devices, including the uDirect and Smart Control, and there have not been any issues.

I’m extremely pleased.