Unitron icube programmer

Hi does anyone know if the unitron icube will work with PHONAK hearing aids as well, I know that the PHONAK icube will work with unitron aids, just wondering if the unitron icube works like that as well,as their both Bluetooth 2.1v right?

They are identical, except for the case markings.

Great, just what I needed to know, thanks

Hey tenkan…i received your PB but cannot answer it. so here is my answer to your question:

The download of Widex compass was on Gigasize.com but i cannot find it anymore, i think it is removed.

I am very satisfied with it, It works perfect with the USB-link.

grts, frans.

Hi Frans,thanks for your reply, I also couldn’t find it, but another member was able to help me out, it’s proved to be one of the hardest bits of software to get!!

Hi Tenkan, I am happy you get Compass;
Question, perhaps you know the answer: I have Unitron Unifit 5.51, but can I program the Unitron wireless aids series with the I cube with this software or do I need Truefit?

Hi there, I am sure you can, because the truefit is only for the very latest version of hearing aids, so the older wireless hearing aids use the older software, now when I look in unifit under options I see both hipro and icube as interfaces, so yes icube can be used.

Can anyone help me get compass software even if its a older version. I can’t PM or email anyone because this is only my 2nd post. However if someone can email me at billyspurlock@gmail.com I would really appricate it. I’m even willing to send some money via paypal for your help and assistance to this matter.

Thanks so much

hi i need help with unitron

the software am. ot sure unifit or u:fit i really need it for my unitron aid its from 2010 i think thanks