Unitron Breeze Power Linear +3P in beige

A brief synopsis - I’m a 45 year veteran of wearing hearing aids, the past 28 months in a struggle with digital aids that performed inadequately for my life’s passion - live music. Be it that it may, born with moderately severe to severe hearing loss, I gravitated to music and have been playing guitar for 38 plus years now. Long story short, my beloved Phonak 332 XAZ were dying, I knew it and sought out replacements. I had high hopes that digital would work for me, and can not count how many times I returned to my audi’s office for yet another attempt to make the digital work for my needs. We had been through a couple of different models, even had a Phonak rep make a personal visit, to no avail.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been fitted with a pair of Unitron Breeze Power Linear +3P in beige, that perform as desired. These are rock simple devices. No remotes. No programmability. They have an off/on switch and a tele coil, and a volume dial. That’s it.

What they do have is clear, powerful sound. My electric guitars sound like themselves again. I can hear my own voice. The lost, disconnected-ness of the lag caused by the digital processing is gone. The dreaded artifact, the click, crackle is not there. The sense of the immediate here and now has been returned. They are easily as powerful as the Phonak digital aids, if not more so. I used to have to run my old 332 XAZ on full power, as they were getting quite old. These Unitrons I’ve been running on 2 of a scale of 4, on a continuously variable volume dial. That is, I can set the sound level exactly where I want it, not some arbitrary step up or down as the digital provided.

These are in production HAs. My audi had been told of a very cool product manager at Unitron by one of her sources. I’ve tried looking at their website, and these were not showing. Unbelievably, there is no marketing for them, because they are not digital.

Are they perfect? No, they’re not perfect. But they are a damn sight better than the digital aids I’ve been trying, for live music. Ask your audi about them, I’ll be more than happy to provide a referral. I know there were several muso as myself who were having issues with digital HAs.


Glad to hear you’ve found a solution that makes you happy! Hope you have years of great use with them.:cool:

Sounds great!

I was looking at my experiences and they were very similar to Dan’s, so I think I will try this out too and let you know how I go.

Thanks very much for relating your trials and solution. My axes are acoustic, but–especially with the banjo–the digital sound has been horrible. I’ll be asking my audi about those aids.

what you might be able to find is their fitting software, Ufit (or something like that) the old one is ready for download you can check out all the Hi features

There’s fitting software for the Unitrons?

unitron has 2 fitting softwares. Unifit and Ufit, the old one which I think is Unifit is available for download @ their website.

Once the soft. is install you will be able to have all the info first hand…

Intriguing. I’ll bet it only works on PCs and not Macs. :smiley:

A couple of points:

  1. This Unison Breeze 3P is a DIGITAL aid …

  2. The Breeze is a TRIMMER controlled aid … it CANNOT be tuned by any PC software package.

This style of trimmer controlled digital seems to have been an attempt to convert older dispensers into fitting digital aids … without having to learn all about PCs etc.

I doubt trimmer controlled digitals will be around in say 10 years time.

my beloved Phonaks were digital, too, just not 100% digital.

Hi Dan,
I’m glad you have finally found some suitable aids, it’s been a long battle. I joined one of your threads a couple of years ago, then gave up when audiologists here advised me that I would not be able to find a digital aid that would be suitable for both voice and music. I had the same problems as you – the clipping, distortion, no power and inappropriate automation. I currently use Phonak Sonoforte aids, but like yours they are wearing out, so I have been sourcing some from antique shops and aid banks.
I am in Australia so I’ll see if I can try a Unitron here. But I am pretty much hooked on my Phonak remote. With a slight touch of my lapel I can turn the aids on and off, use my telecoil, change directional microphones, and independently adjust volume and tone to suit my needs and environment.
For my situation I am very disappointed with modern aid technology. Being involved with computer and music technology I can see how much better it could be.
I hope your new aids enable you to get creating and enjoying some great music. And thank you very much for persisting, sharing your story and info, and finding a solution.

well, it is not the ideal solution, which would be a fresh, crispy new pair of Sonoforte. I do miss the remote capabilities, but for me, sonics come before gadgets. It just burns my toast that people are drinking the 100% digital koolaid. I like being able to shut my hearing aids off without having to open the battery compartment, which is standard MO for the new Phonaks. What were they thinking?

If I had any inkling at all that I would have had this problem, I would have bought a half dozen pair of the Sonoforte, which would have probably lasted me the rest of my life. Good luck to you, and if you don’t mind, tell me more about these antique shops that carry hearing aids. I haven’t done a search in many months since getting my new aids.

Do you conclude that digital hearing aids can sound almost as good with music as best analog hearing aids? It only needs to have few bands and almost linear gain and no noise cancellation? And power!

Soon I will buy me hearing aids for music and it will be useful to have a list of such hearing aids, analog or digital.

Hi Dan, I will keep watching out for Phonak Sonofortes here, and let you know if I find more. Just keep tuned to this forum or let me know your email address. John

Where can I find the UFIT software

in response to this i would say no chance the problem arises in digital because you get its interpretation of sound with bits sloped off the sine wave due to compression a problem the analogues don’t have hence they have much better sonics because the sound is reproduced in its entirety because no compression and processing has to take place. the end result being that the sound is much cleaner and closer to real life. this is just my own findings due to trailing several digitals over many months before finally managing to locate a pair of analogues (Starkey Genesis dx) which are a revelation compared to the digitals in my opinion.
if you are a long time user analogues are the way to go.