United HC Insurance claim - Please Help!

Dear Forum Members,

My maximum hearing aid benefit is $3000 in or out of network with United Healthcare.

United Healthcare is now stating that the in-network rate is a maximum of $2200 for two digital BTE hearing aids. I suspect that they’ve made an error, and are only reimbursing me for one hearing aid.

I know that there are people out there that have used United Healthcare for their benefits, can anybody check to see what their in-network reimbursement rate was for two digitial BTE hearing aids?

Thanks so much for your help, it will save me a ton of money.:frowning:

What is the deductible on your insurance (in and out of network)? Are you buying them in or out of network? What is the total cost of the HAs?

I too have UHC with a hearing aid provision in it:

Covers hearing exams, testing and hearing aids up to a lifetime maximum of $3,000; combined Network and Non-Network.

How much did your audiologist charge UHC for the exam and fitting, or is that combined with the HA cost?

I would call up UHC and ask them what the HA coverage is, confirm it’s $3,000 lifetime, and then open a dispute.

I hate insurance companies! Fighting with mine over $450 for contacts for Keratoconus (cornea thing).

Anyway. Go to your HR department. Ask them to define the policy and have a quote available. Appeal the decision based on this. Be sure the $3k isn’t inclusive of the exam and other fees. $800 isn’t hard to rack up at a doctor! :smiley:

Don’t give in. That’s what they want…

I lost a battle with my insurance company over an ultrasound performed in office - should have been covered as an in-office procedure (covered by my copay) but UHC decided it’s akin to an X-Ray (AFAIK X-Rays are way more expensive) and should be charged as such. Yet they had NO problem covering my vasectomy (a $1,000 operation) with a simple $45 copay.

if your doctor is charging a huge number of fees to increase the commission from selling an HA, return that HA and find someone that doesn’t pull that kind of crap. My audiogram was $106. There’s a local HA store that would have been free for the same thing. I imagine my hearing aid evaluation will have some sort of fee attached to it (if so I’m dropping the appointment and just going to the local HA store assuming my gap exception is approved).

You were charged $106 just for an audiogram? That seems unreasonable.

Most audiologists will do a test in that fee ballpark that includes several components and is much more detailed in the results than just an audiogram and is more detailed than the “free” screening offered by some HA stores which, whaddya know, often concludes you need hearing aids or a more detailed hearing test such as the one performed by audiologists… for which you pay extra at the store with the “free” test.

The “free” screening–arguable exception at least based on what some forum members have posted here: Costco–is akin to taking your car back to the new car dealer for a “free” 30-point safety inspection which inevitably finds you need $800-$1600-$2400+ of service. Not a great deal in many cases.

“Free” offers for services that cost something to render are often anything but free in effect.

Think about it: what better way to lure in cheapsk…, I mean, more price-sensitive consumers… than a “free” offer.

Buyer beware.

The audiologist who tested me did not recommend a hearing aid for me as I have a unilateral hearing loss and that getting one is merely a cost/benefit analysis for myself. That said - I went in with the intention of getting tested to be able to evaluate hearing aids in the near future.

That $106 included a tympanogram, audiogram, and speech recognition test - of course she got to bill it to insurance and not myself. I’m sure the price would have been a lot different otherwise.

i use UHC and they cover 1500 for each ear in network they do not cover out of network from what i was told. the problem i am having is i cant find an audioligist that is in network. they all bill out of network.i even got a list from the insurance of in network audioligist and went to sevral of them and they all bill out of network.

I have united health care also. “All hearing aids, supplies and repairs are limited to $1,000 per person per calendar year.” This is what the Benefits book says for us. This is using an in network provided. Out of net work is not covered.
In reality if I were to use the net work provider;
The network provider marks up the aid a 1000 and I still would have to pay full mega price for the aid.

I just had them do a hearing test so I could get an audiogram and make me a new ear mold. I used the audiogram to by a new hearing aid on e-bay. I used a flexible spending account to pay for the hearing aid. This saved me thousands of dollars.

“Flexible spending accounts, or FSAs, which can reduce your taxable income By paying for certain eligible health care and/or dependent care expenses before taxes are withheld from your pay.”

The reason that many hearing aid dealers perform hearing tests for “free” is because in many states it is against the law for them to charge for them. In some states, you have to be a licensed audiologist to bill for hearing exams. That is merely another reason you will see some of them for free…

dr. amy

Sounds like somebody had a bad experience! Fortunately many people aren’t as cynical as you. Yes, most people who go to a hearing aid center will have a loss; people don’t casually “shop” for hearing aids like they might for shoes, clothes, etc.

If someone comes in for a free test and they don’t have enough of a loss to recommend hearing aids there is no need to do a complete test. If a pure-tone air screening shows no loss then SRT etc. don’t even need to be done.