Unilateral snhl - feeling of fullness going forward

I lost my hearing in my right ear about 6 weeks ago. I went through oral steroid and injections with my ENT without result and he basically said he couldn’t do anymore for me. I’m down about 60 db on that side so it’s a severed loss I have tinnitus on that side which I think I can live with but what is bothering me most if the feeling of fullness or pressure in that ear. My ENT basically said to just live with it that it would probably be there forever. I have noticed that certain acoustic environments make it worse and, like the tinnitus, is feels more pronounced when I’m anxious (which I have been a lot!) and tired. I get some relief when I listen to something with headphones and shift the balance a little to that side (but I can shift the balance only a little, since the bad ear sounds quite distorted.

Questions: does this feeling of fullness lessen with time? can I habituate to it the way people habituate to tinnitus, where it’s there, just not bothersome? could a hearing aid clean up the sound enough to be worthwhile? Would that give me relief from the fullness by “opening” up my egain?

Any input from people with some experience with this would be appreciated.



I am / was in a similar boat … I had a cold around thanksgiving and went to my gp who diagnosed ear infection and went through antibiotics then nasal spray and was eventually referred to an ENT who diagnosed SSNHL… But I was too late for treatment and now have loss of hearing in my left ear.

I went to a second ENT who diagnosed the same thing … But he listened to my concerns about tinnitus and referred me to an audiologist and I am now trying a HA.

I love it… It covers the tinnitus a great deal and I hear things I don’t hear in my good ear. The feeling of fullness has lessened also.

Try one… It has changed my outlook on life dramatically :smiley:

That’s good to hear. My ENT dismissed the idea of an HA for the bad ear because it “wouldn’t be the same”. But sounds like it’s worth trying. How severe a loss do you have in your bad ear? Mine’s about 55 - 60 db down 500 K but even worse sound pretty distorted. I’m wondering how much a HA can clean that up.

Never mind, I see your audiogram. Not as bad as mine. Does the HA sound “normal”?

Hard to say if it sounds “normal” … but it is a monster improvement over not having one … and i hear more out of my bad ear.

As i pulled out of the parking lot when i first got it a car on the road ran over a piece of sheet metal on the ground… it sounded way louder than it did two months ago when i had two “good” ears.

My biggest complaint was the tinnitus… but now that i have the HA i see how many sounds i was missing so that is a big bonus as well.

For what it’s worth my audi recommended massage - specifically myofascial release with a concentration on the head, neck and jaw area and that seems to have helped with the tinnitus too … when i was on the table it was hard for me to relax my neck… the audi recognized a lot of tightness / tension in that whole area.

Have you been checked for Menieres on the bad side?

Is the tinnitus a deep rumbling or roaring?

my T is higher pitched. The closest sound I can think of is the sound of a toilet running, you know when you have to shake the handle to get it to stop. Meniere’s and hydrops is usually associated with a low pitched tinnitus is it not? I do have a low pitched tinnitus at times but it tends to fade quickly.

Massage makes a lot of sense. I can feel the tension building up in my head face and neck. I had 20 minutes massage from a from yesterday. I didn’t diminish the T but I felt a lot better. Having a good day today, no anxiety, T relative quiet, the one-sidedness I feel in my head not bothersome. There have been days when I was just overwhelmed with anxiety from this - just awful. I finally got my GP to give me some xanax which I have been using only as needed. It’s been a big help. I’m aware of all the caveats with using that stuff and plan to be sparing with it but I just knowing it’s there if I need it makes the T, the ear pressure and the hearing loss easier to tae.

If you can swing it try a hearing aid … it has made a world of difference for me and i bet it would lower your anxiety in the process which would help things get better which would also lower your anxiety even further … it’s a vicious cycle :eek:

Even if you need to finance it you may find you are more productive … i am self employed and i know i will perform better and have more motivation and feel i will make at least one more sale and pay for my HA because i am happier :smiley:

Menieres indicators are typically:

  • feeling of fullness
  • low frequency or other unusual loss profile
  • weird sounding voices etc even if at the correct volume
  • ‘mismatch’ between sounds heard in bad ear and sounds heard in better ear
    (can lead to a sort of echo effect)
  • flat loss at around 55dB quite common
  • rotary vertigo
  • rumbling/deep tinnitus
  • can be difficult to get a hearing aid to deliver acceptable clarity

You do NOT need all of these … they are just indicators!

Also the ear feeling ‘hot’ and induced nausea.

I try to avoid classifying tinnitus as low or high, as the white-noise people get can be quite broad spectrum.

Can you have Meniere’s without vertigo? How would it be diagnosed in that case?

I have a very similar profile. I’ve lost 40-50 db in my right ear since it started about 2 years ago. I have a constant high-pitched tinnitus, distortion of what I can hear, and no vertigo (well, once). Hearing through headphones and ear buds is better than the hearing aid I got last year. I’m equivocal about whether the HA is worth it. I suppose there are times when I think it helps, but it doesn’t do anything about the distortion, just makes the high frequencies a little louder. It may mask the tinnitus some, but plays Hell on the hyperacusis. Even now, I have it turned off because of the headache I was getting from the too loud feeling.

I would definitely consider an aid again, but it hasn’t made my life much better.
Oops, my signature didn’t update. Take my right ear down to 60-65 db across the board.