Unfamiliar HA brands

I have been looking into audiologists for my first visit. I see a lot of Ads for a Southwestern Hearing Centers in my area. St. Louis metro (IL). I checked their web site and found the names of some brands they advertise They are Imagine, Intro, Look, and Med-Ear. Anyone know anything about these? They certainly aren’t familiar to me.:confused:

I don’t know about them, but I checked with Southwest, Sears and another place (I live in St. Peters, MO) and finally settled on Costco for my ReSound aids. Couldn’t be happier with both the aids and the audi.

Stick with the big top brands…That way you can be sure of good value and long life. The ones you mentioned are not well known. They may be OK and maybe not. Ed

At least some of those are models of NuEar brand aids, made by Starkey. They are one of the major hearing aid companies.

For the benefit of others here who can help, I will attempt to list the equivalent Starkey aid for the NuEar models.
Listed with highest level (most expensive) first:

Current models:
Look = Wi Series
Imagine 2 = X Series
Look -= Xino

Imagine = S Series iQ (Replaced by the X Series / Imagine 2)
Imagine VS & Imagine Classic are also discontinued.
Intro - NuEar shows just an operations manual on their site.


You can find more information by using the Starkey models and looking at http://www.starkeypro.com, Starkey’s professional site. Nuear’s professional site is locked behind a login.