Understanding female speech


I was having dinner last night with my wife, daughter, and daughter-in-law. I could understand about one-fourth of the words and couldn’t follow the conversations at all. Being left out, I started fiddling with my hearing aid settings using the application installed on my Android cellphone. The Restaurant setting produced no improvement so I tried Entertainment. I had never used the Entertainment setting so I was surprised when I could understand about three-fourths of the words and actually follow the conversations.

I guess female speech is entertainment.



Is that with your Sound World Solutions still?



I am sticking with my Sound World Solutions hearing aids until I can try a COSTCO hearing aid that works directly with my Android phone and wireless Bluetooth mic.

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Then it’s your lucky day. Costco has just released their Kirkland Signature 9’s (KS9) that are based on the Phonak Marvel that can connect to just about any bluetooth device…in stereo…using the onboard mics - not the phone mic.

$750US each (I think they might be sold only in pairs)



I will check them out…I now have an appointment at COSTCO for 19 August.



Go back and speak to your audiologist. However you have to remember that your hearing aids are not a cure for your hearing loss. They are a means of helping to compensate for the hearing loss but you need to do more.

I’m sure that your wife, daughter and daughter in law are all aware of the issue that you have hearing but you need to get them to look at you when they speak to you. OK you may not be a perfect lip reader, but seeing a person’s face when they speak to you, especially in the situation you describe where there is ambient background noise to contend with will help. If you see a person’s face you can see lip movements and their facial expression.

if your expectation is that you are going to put your hearing aids in and hear perfectly as you used to then you will quickly become disappointed with your aids.



It’s refreshing to hear your statement alluding to hearing aids not being a cure. No truer words were spoken. I’ve worn aids for 12 years. There’s a local idiot selling aids making the statement someone with proper aids can hear better than someone with normal hearing. That’s as silly as saying anyone with properly fitted eyeglasses can see better than anyone not needing glasses.



Um…folks?..member6 has been here for a while. He uses what are regarded as PSAP’s. He’s happy with them. I’ve been interested in his story since I first got into this forum. I doubt an audiologist provided and set them up for him.



that’s interesting. Surely making such claims is illegal?



Very true but there are times, places, and certain circumstances that I can hear better with my aids than others that have normal hearing. But then again I will never understand speech as well as most people with or without hearing issues

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I have a BAHA5 and have noticed the same problem with female speech. My phone is an iPhone X and the app I’m using is Baha Smart 5. Is there a way with my phone and software to change settings for Entertainment, Restaurant, etc?



I can hear female speech, but understanding is a totally different matter. Perhaps I never will…

More seriously, I suspect your hearing aids are not providing enough assistance in the 3-6 kHz range. You may want to consider frequency compression where the higher frequencies are “squashed” down to lower frequencies that you can hear.



A little cousin once remarked that i must have marvelous eyes that i was able to see anything through those eyeglasses i am wearing (-8).



I’ve only experienced THAT kind of miracle when streaming with the TV. In that instance only, I can hear better than my hubs (who has normal hearing) but HEY! It’s the software enabling the direct audio to go right into my aids. I bet if he had TV Ears on, he’d hear better than me with my Marvel TV streaming.



Yes, I’ve seen those ads here as well. I guess some people believe that, or they wouldn’t keep making the claim.



Well, I think in certain limited frequency ranges where there is no hearing loss or very minimal that may be true. However, does it make sense to “over hear” certain frequencies while under hearing most others? I think not. There is an older method, that is still used mainly with analog hearing aids called the 1/3 gain formula. By definition the aid is only set to recover 1/3 of the hearing loss. Obviously not going to give you normal hearing. And even with the newer NAL-NL2 formulas they do their best to do a partial recovery of the speech range, but still are no where near 100% recovery.



Interesting, your comment about TV Ears. I’ve used them for years, both analog and digital, and wondered why they do so much better with speech than my $$$ hearing aids - and why hearing aid companies ca’t seem to provide that kind of clarity.

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emjay, if you’re comparing the TV Ears to TV listening via ambient audio with your HAs, it’s an unfair comparison and explains why the TV Ears are so much better.

TV Ears plug directly into the TV audio, transmit the sound electronically to the headset, and project it directly into the ears with no ambient noise. To get a fair comparison you’d have to use the HAs with a TV Connector or BT transmitter directly to the HAs.

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You’re right about how TV Ears work, of course. That was simple frustration talking, a wish that bright minds in the tech world could bring that kind of clarity with hearing aids :/.

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^^^ Here! Here! Or rather … Hear! Hear!

I often daydream about a miracle streamer that would make ALL speech magically stream to my ears - without the use of a Roger pen or device to clip on every single person present, or, or, or!

I am very grateful for the TV streaming capability, but that’s how I spend just 2 hours of the day. The other 14 hours that I’m awake I still do struggle a bit with comprehension of SPEECH in all the myriad environments I find myself in.